Become One of Qaiser Abbas’ CERTIFIED SUCCESS COACHES and apply his Proven Success Coaching System to transform your life and massively impact the lives of those you coach.

You will get a direct access to Qaiser, his coaching team and all the high-impact coaching materials Qaiser has developed in the last one and half decade.

During this SIX months custom-made journey with Qaiser, he will personally prepare you to learn the cutting-edge coaching tools, master strategies and methodologies.

What will this certification help you achieve?

1. Set up your own coaching practice
2. Become part of Qaiser’s core team of coaches to serve his clients around the world.
3. Permission to use Qaiser’s DARE® Coaching System
4. Become a change-agent and help people transform their lives.

Qaiser’s ‘Certified Success Coach’ Program will certify you through a six month experiential learning process, to practice the Success Methodology and help you to transform your life and career by transforming others.

In this power-packed program, your leaders will learn the essential skills to coach people for improved performance. Your team will have the chance to learn from Pakistan’s Premium Success Coach, Qaiser Abbas who is a Global Certified Coach with Marshall Goldsmith, the world #1 Leadership Coach. Qaiser has created and transformed dozens of teams through coaching.

Pakistan Premium Coaching


Date: June 27-28, 2018
Hotel Pearl Continental, Lahore 
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02 day training, one month of coaching project supervision and 01 day of follow up session