MBA Philosophy?

MBA (Management By Adventure™) is not a walk in the jungle a few jumps through hoops and a campfire MBA is a carefully designed and executed to achieve specific organizational goals Each MBA program is designed after consultation with representatives from your company we understand analyses and identify your organizational need and then draw up a program designed to deliver specific management/leadership development objectives.

Participants of this management development series go through a number of activities that are specifically aimed at exploring issues like conflict resolution risk-taking goal setting, decision making communication, leadership, team building, change management creativity and self-reliance.

Each activity is also customized to match your company’s HR context, with the program continuously building on relevant themes for greater effectiveness we further fine tune and refine our training activities after interacting with the participants in the field so that they are given challenges and activities best suited to their requirement and capacity.

MBA (Management By Adventure) also provides managers progression of carefully graded exercises that will set increasingly challenging tasks as participants program to next level-gradually increasing the participants ‘performance levels and moving the group closer to your HR goals. The participants ‘responses to these situations become the raw material review.

MBA™ Approach

  • Introducing participants to a preferably wild, novel, remote and natural environment as a catalyst for development.
  • Engaging participants physically, mentally and emotionally in projects and [adventurous] outdoor challenges to move them out of their comfort zones.
  • Presenting opportunities to test and play with new management leadership styles and learn from a concrete experience .
  • Facilitating practical applications of theoretical models to develop capability to transfer to the workplace.
  • Embedding review and reflection process to enable improved performance

Key Outcomes

Our client have benefited from outdoor learning experiences in a major way. Some of the most frequently quoted gains include:
• Alignment with organizations objectives Leaders show more responsibility
• Team communications perks up
• Ability to handle stress and pressures increases
• Problems are taken as an opportunity and get solved faster!
• Teams anticipate and manage risks and uncertainty better
• Improved management and utilization of resources
• Interpersonal conflicts and ‘ego clashes’ decrease
• Individual and team creativity boosts
• Members trust and accept each other more
• Development of a collaborative mindset
• Openness to growth and change
• Teams operate smoother

Skill Focus

MBA™ addresses the five major flaws that cause once successful managers to
derail while moving towards senior leadership positions:
• Difficulty meeting business objectives
• Problems with interpersonal relationships
• Difficulty building and leading teams
• Inability to adapt and change shifting mindsets
• Lack of cross functionality