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Undoubtedly, there are certain core qualities that a successful leader must have in order to be successful. However, running a business organization in developing countries is far more complex than in the more developed nations of the west. On balance, everything from the basic facilities such as uninterrupted electricity, the ability to enforce your legal rights and the general law and order situation, are all pretty much taken for granted in the western world.


Richard Gardner

Managing Director Sollertia, International Pty Ltd Australia

“Leadership is essential in all fields of endeavor. This book draws heavily on the practical experience of Pakistan’s successful business leaders but the principles articulated are universal. A must read book for business leaders.”

Michael Hardy

Business Growth Strategist, Australia

““Amer and Qaiser have come up with a winner… leadership 101, in a localized context. This is a MUST for anyone expecting to be in charge of others: ALL business owners and managers.””

Yusuf Hussain

Managing Director LMKR

“Leadership Insights provides a compelling mixture of classic leadership principles and of successful approaches to tackle the peculiar business challenges of Pakistan.””

Grant Slater

Managing Director, Bentleys Canberra—Chartered Accountants, Australia

“Despite the developing nature of the Pakistan economy and unique challenges it holds, the unwavering commitment by the best leaders and management in business to their businesses and employees is universal. This book provides great insight and access to a leadership movement we don’t get to see.””

Muhammad Azfar Ahsan

CEO, Nutshell Forum

“‘Leadership Insights’ is undoubtedly a good endeavor to unravel the secrets of leadership hidden in the success stories of Pakistani context. All young professionals and managers aspiring to be great leaders must grab a copy as a guidebook. It is easier to understand and a companion to their own leadership insight. “”


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