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that takes care of everything; from choosing the best idea to getting your book published and hitting the stores.

When I used to dream of becoming a published author, I didn’t know where to start, how to structure the book, how to craft a proposal and how to attract a good publisher that can put me on the bestselling list.

I felt exactly the way YOU are feeling now.

I just couldn’t figure out how to organize my thoughts, and put them together in the form of a book that could benefit people.  I never believed I can write a book as I had no prior experience of writing.

I doubted myself, and believed I had no writing style and no publisher would ever publish my book. My procrastination disease made me lack self-discipline and miss deadlines as I was unable to maintain a writing routine.

I was not happy and felt dissatisfied.

I was so eager to progress just like you that I started searching. I collected so much information, met so many authors but NOTHING SEEMED TO WORK.

I was getting a lot of contradicting information and nothing made any sense.

Then one day, I thought to myself – if I could just force myself to sit down.

Take time out to reflect back, identify both internal and external hurdles, evaluate my writing habits, reexamine my style, challenge my routines, own my mistakes and think afresh.

 When I did that, my mind began to expand with new ideas and insights. I felt like I always knew the process, methods, and techniques to write the book. I started putting together my thoughts on aboard. It was turning out to be a framework, encompassing every single thing one needed to write a bestselling book.

I felt as if I have found out the missing piece I was looking for. When I sat down to write my book using this newly SELF-DISCOVERED FRAMEWORK, I started realizing that my mind had powerful ideas to inspire people.

I figured out that there are 7 CRITICAL, inescapable steps that every successful writer has to follow in order to produce a book that people love reading and cherish forever.

I knew I was still making a lot of mistakes.

And what I came to discover later was that once I had my book on the paper out there, it was super easy to go back to not only fix the problems and improve the quality of my message but make it really shine.

I finally found out that all seven steps have 2-3 KEY ACTIVITIES.

Without keeping in view those essential activities, becoming a bestselling author is a sheer dream.

With this shift in thinking, I begin to crank out chapter after chapter almost effortlessly. I religiously followed the framework and eventually became the author of 6 BESTSELLING BOOKS.


I repeatedly practiced this book-writing framework, tested it by sharing with so many people who eventually produced bestselling books.  

I kept testing, modifying and upgrading it and ultimately built a complete system around it.

You will be surprised, why am I sharing this secret framework with you?


I don’t want you to go through what I went through. I want to save your few years of struggles.

I want you to leverage the secret methods I have collected spending around 20 years of my life.

You have three choices:

  1. Continue doing what you have been doing.
  2. Do this on your own and figure out for yourself.
  3. Invest in yourself and unleash the real writer in you and present the tons of wisdom inside you in the best possible way to your readers.

I believe in you.

I know you have something valuable inside you that world needs to know about.

Your inner critique may persuade you to believe in the opposite. But I know that you are born to make your mark.

Trusting, your commitment to become a bestselling author; I am passing on this top-secret book writing formula to you.

Let me tell you what this writing framework is all about.




This POWERFUL PROVEN 7-STEP FRAMEWORK holds your hand from the beginning of your journey to all the way at the end.


1. Choosing an Idea

The first step before helping you converge onto a single idea to write your book is, establishing the Self- Belief in you that there are readers who are waiting for your wisdom. This is where I help you dive deep into yourself to find your ‘Authority Quotient’. You are able to identify what is your domain of writing and in which area can you establish yourself as an authority. At the end of this stage, you not only feel confident about yourself but also have a clear single idea to write your book on.

2. Structuring into Chapters

Once the idea is chosen and you are clear on your message that you want to share, now it gets down to structuring your book into chapters. This is where this framework helps you in organizing your scattered thoughts and ideas into chapters and produce them on a paper. How do you create an outline of the book that hooks the person who is standing at a bookshop, holding your book and skimming through the outline of your book? This is what I cover in this part of the framework.

You might wonder, But I’ve already figured out for me? Let me tell you here’s where most of the writers lose it. Despite knowing what to write on and having a clear layout of their book, yet they fail to finish their book.

3. Beating Procrastination

You know deep inside that it when it comes to getting your book finished in time, it all boils down to how much time are you writing each day? And what exactly is your writing schedule? In this program, you’ll not only learn the strategies to develop a writing routine but to stick to it as well. How do you commit to write and stick to your writing schedule despite all the odds? This is what I have figured out for you in this part.

But you might think, that’s not my problem I have a writing routine but this perfectionist inside of me kills my writing.

I’m tired of writing then editing again writing and again editing and the loop never ends.

Is there something for me? YES!

I have all the tips and strategies to help you get out of this perfectionism trap.

4. Finishing Touches

I would personally meet you and have a one to one discussion with you on your book, to help you unleash the best in you and save your time. Along this journey of 6 months, you would have access to a ‘Writing Mentor’ from my team to help you any time you get stuck or feel doubted. He would be your ‘Accountability Partner’ throughout this journey.

It doesn’t end here, because writing your book is only 5% of the work. Surprised? Yes! But what is left once your book is done?

Its Publishing and getting it to the stores.

5. Publishing

This is where I teach you everything about publishing; be it self-publishing or traditional publishing. From designing an attractive cover to proposals for publishers- I’ve got everything ready for you. I’ll teach you how to create proposals for publishers. The latest trends in Publishing, Self-Publishing, and various models adopted by publishers. How do you get the right deal for you? This is what’s covered in this part.

6. Launching

Finally, you get to know the strategies to launch and market your book-What are the best seller lists and how do you hit those lists. I’ll be teaching you about amazon specifically, how to make your book standout and hit the best seller list in a category. What strategies do you adopt to create a buzz of your book? How do you create a demand of your book? This all gets covered here.

7. Selling Over the Long Term

Do you want your book to just make large sales in the first few weeks or months? Or would you like to sell your book over the long term and make it a source of passive income for you? I’m sure you would want the latter. This is where I teach you how to position your book as premium and worthy to the readers so it sells over the long term and always remains in their shelves.

I have a question for you?

How committed are you to write your book? Is it really on your calendar? Has it really become a necessity in your mind? Are you committed to give your best?

If the answer is YES! Please read on!

Because what I’m about to reveal to you might not be easy to digest.

Do you know the majority of the people on this planet want to write a book? My question is why only a few manage to actualize the idea? Why is it that the majority of them take their wisdom with them into their graves? Why is it that the majority of them despite having tons of knowledge fail to convert those ideas into a powerful book?

 Do you know why?

That’s because they don’t have accountability. And when you don’t hold yourself accountable, then the likelihood of your failure increases. As humans, we don’t like to hold ourselves accountable.

And as I said

NO Accountability = No Meaningful Progress

Here is my sincere advice to you

If you think you are good in self-accountability and you’ll manage on your own then DON’T REGISTER for this program. But if you’re someone who has been trying this for some time and you know you won’t be able to pull this off then don’t be shy in asking for help. If you think this program isn’t worth it. Great! But please! it’s my sincere advice to you that DO NOT HESITATE to ask for help. Reach out to someone whom you consider an expert or a guru. But don’t waste your precious time wandering here and there and putting all your efforts in vain.

Your readers deserve your book sooner than you think. Don’t make them wait just because you are shy in asking for help.

You might be wondering that this program is priced too high and it’s not for me.

Imagine! YOUR BOOK WOULD BE READY AFTER 6 MONTHS and you’ll be touching the lives of people through it.

Not only that you would have a source of passive income for you. 

Do you know I started CHARGING 3 TIMES more for my training and coaching sessions than my fee before writing my book?

My international best selling book Tick Tick Dollar earned me training business at a PREMIUM FEE multiple times. You can charge a premium fee too just by becoming a best selling author following my proven 7-step framework.

You can charge a premium fee too just by becoming a best-selling author following my proven 7-step framework.

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What if I tell you that you can recover the amount you invest in yourself for registering in this program within three months if you do exactly what I tell you? As impossible as it might sound, I want to let you know that this is possible and I’ve not only done it but am still doing it. Even while writing this, my books are being delivered nationwide. You too can do all this by following exactly my path. Let me ask you a question! How do you define expensive? Do you see the price tag only or you weigh the money against the value it adds?

Imagine the value your book would add to your life and to the life of your readers.

Let me remind you your book is your gateway to many sources, one of the most powerful being passive income.

Why choose this program?

  1. A portion of your contribution would go to the underprivileged Children (Possibilities Foundation).
  2. You get an accountability partner to empower you throughout your journey of becoming a published author.
  3. You get access to a writing mentor who would have personalized sessions with you to help you in your writing.
  4. 30 Minutes one to one session with Qaiser Abbas on your book.
  5. Powerful Proven 7-Step Framework to Write and Publish your Book.
  6. Your book would be ready to get published after 6 months.

My final words to you.

Do not risk your wisdom on mediocrity. REGISTER NOW!


  1. Powerful Proven 7-Step Framework.
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  5. Building Your Author Profile.
  6. Mock TV interviews
  7. Your book ready to be published.





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