Product No of Sessions Duration Target Audience
Action Coaching
Velocity Coaching helps leaders build clarity, align roles, develop the success path, bring everyone along, and execute the current project with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
3 Sessions
3 Months
Functional Heads
High-Potential Leaders
Power Coaching
Power Coaching empowers leaders to build personal engagement, reset expectations, exhibit commitment, and refuel themselves with greater energy and focus to achieve results.
6 Sessions
6 Months
Future C-Level Leaders
Functional Heads
High-Potential Leaders
Mid-level leaders.
Full-Scale Executive Coaching
This intervention enables executives to do a deep self-examination, to seriously consider multiple sources of feedback, to adopt high-impact leadership practices, and to make the personal changes necessary to step up to a whole new level of performance as an executive leader.
10 Sessions
12 Months 
Board Members
C-Level Executives