Experience Transformation with the
DARE Coaching Model™


Endorsed by World’s 1 Executive Coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith 

Qaiser Abbas’s DARE Coaching Model™ is endorsed by none other than Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s #1 Executive Coach. This model is Qaiser’s strategic masterpiece, offering a robust, four-step framework that guides CEOs from ambition to achievement. 

Embark on this transformative journey. Let the DARE Coaching Model™ be your guide from aspirations to unparalleled achievements.

Stage 1: Direction - Setting Your Compass

"What is your vision?"

The journey begins with setting a Direction — understanding the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind your goals. Qaiser aids CEOs to crystallize their vision, ensuring that every decision aligns with their ultimate ambitions. This foundational step involves crafting a north star to guide your leadership voyage. 

Stage 2: Analysis - Assessing Your Arena

"What challenges are you facing now?"

Analysis requires confronting the current reality head-on. It’s a candid assessment of where you stand and what stands in your way. Qaiser’s methodical approach illuminates the path by identifying obstacles and opening avenues for strategic intervention and advancement.

Stage 3: Roadmap - Charting the Course

"What strategies will bridge the gap?"

The Roadmap stage is where possibilities transform into tangible plans. It’s about mapping out a strategic course to navigate complexities with agility and precision. Qaiser collaborates with CEOs to design a tailored action plan personalized to the unique contours of their corporate landscape.

Stage 4: Empower - Committing to Action

"What commitment will you make?"

Empowerment is the culmination of the DARE journey — a stage where decision transforms into action. Qaiser empowers CEOs to take ownership of their decisions, instilling the confidence and resolve needed to act decisively and effectively.
Qaiser Abbas’s DARE Coaching Model™ transcends traditional coaching paradigms. It is not merely a methodology but a transformative experience that propels leaders toward their true potential. It’s a strategic ally for CEOs ready to carve their legacy with deliberate and dynamic leadership.