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‘Executive Coaching Success Blueprint™’

Are you ready to redefine your career and secure your future in a rapidly changing world? ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ is your ticket to unprecedented success.

Whether you’re an executive nearing retirement, fearing job loss, worried about staying relevant, or even a current CEO seeking fresh excitement, ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ is tailor-made for you. We empower you to transition seamlessly into a fulfilling second career, provide a financial safety net during career shifts, and ensure you remain a sought-after industry leader.

As a coaching program participant, you’ll unlock a world of opportunities. Your journey is about acquiring skills and transforming your career and life. Embrace the chance to guide new and seasoned business leaders and CEOs to victory while rewriting your own legacy. Discover the power of coaching and watch your influence soar. As a professional, your deep understanding of human behavior can lead to more freedom and fulfillment than you ever imagined.

It’s time to leap towards a brighter future filled with autonomy, relevance, and satisfaction. Don’t hesitate; your destiny awaits!


Coach Your Way to Success!
Embark on a transformative journey that will advance your career to new heights. Join our ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ led by Qaiser Abbas, a globally recognized Leadership Coach and the mastermind behind the groundbreaking DARE Coaching System™. This program isn’t just an educational experience; it’s your key to becoming a highly successful executive coach.

Unlock Your Coaching Potential

Qaiser Abbas is on a mission to empower and unite a global community of coaches dedicated to making a substantial impact in the coaching industry. Whether you’re a seasoned leader, HR professional, CFO, visionary entrepreneur, dedicated educator, or aspiring psychologist, our program is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to excel as a certified coach.

The Power of Distinctiveness

What sets the ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ apart from the rest? It’s an immersive and dynamic learning adventure that will challenge your thinking, ignite your creativity, and accelerate your growth. Over a 100-day journey, guided by Qaiser himself and his Core Coaching Team, you’ll experience a profound self-discovery like no other. Our program is built on research-backed methodologies that ensure you emerge as a top-tier coach.

Access the Best

When you join our program, you gain direct access to Qaiser Abbas, a leader in the coaching industry and a rapidly expanding Global Coach Network. You’ll tap into the wealth of high-impact coaching materials, strategies, and frameworks he has developed over the last two decades. This isn’t just education; it’s mentorship by a true industry luminary.

Support for Your Success

We don’t just certify coaches; we cultivate thriving coaching practices. With 100 days of post-program support, you’ll receive ongoing guidance and resources to help you build a successful coaching business. We’re committed to your long-term success.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your career, gain recognition as an executive coach, and make a lasting impact in the coaching world. Today, join the ‘Global Coach Certification Program™ and experience the ‘wow’ of becoming an exceptional coach. Your journey begins here. Act now and sign up for a brighter future!


Your Plan for Legacy in the Coaching World
Are you an executive looking to secure your financial future and transform your career into a thriving coaching business? It’s time to consider coaching as more than just a sideline gig – it’s your blueprint to financial freedom and professional fulfillment. Welcome to a revolutionary opportunity – the ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ by Qaiser Abbas.

Coaching as Your Plan B

In today’s ever-changing corporate landscape, having a Plan B isn’t just wise; it’s essential. The ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ empowers you to harness your Coaching Skills and turn them into a lucrative coaching business. Imagine having the security of a corporate career while building a coaching brand on the side that could one day surpass your current income.


Chart Your Own Destiny

Don’t settle for a future where you’re tied to a desk and a nine-to-five routine. With our program, you’ll step into the exciting world of coaching, where your success knows no bounds. We’ll equip you with the tools, strategies, and mindset needed to become a sought-after coach, all while you continue your executive career.


The Power of Coaching

Coaching is about transforming lives. As an executive coach, you’ll be privileged to profoundly impact others while securing your financial future. The ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ is your gateway to this incredible journey.



The key benefits of attending this coaching program
Join our ‘Global Coach Certification Program’ today and unlock these benefits that transform your career and enhance your quality of life. Your journey to success, fulfillment, and financial security starts here!









Don’t wait for a better future – create it. Join the ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ today and take the first step towards a prosperous and fulfilling coaching career. Your destiny awaits, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Transform Your Career, Secure Your Future, and Make a Lasting Impact
Here are the top seven reasons you should think of gradually saying goodbye to a 9-5 job and exploring your possibilities in Executive Coaching
Fulfillment and Purpose
In the 9-to-5 grind, many managers, leaders, and executives often yearn for a more profound sense of fulfillment and purpose in their work. Transitioning to a coaching career empowers them to make a profound impact on individuals’ lives, helping others find their own purpose and satisfaction. As a coach, they become catalysts for positive change, providing a source of immense personal satisfaction.
Financial Security
Financial stability is a universal need, and the ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ ensures this. Professionals can secure an additional income stream by building a coaching business alongside their corporate job. With time and dedication, this side hustle can evolve into a full-time coaching career, potentially surpassing their current income and providing a safety net against financial uncertainties.
Work-Life Balance
The 9-to-5 routine often leaves professionals feeling burnt out and drained. Transitioning to coaching offers flexibility, enabling them to set their own schedule, choose clients, and regain control of their work-life balance. Coaching allows for a fulfilling career while ensuring time for family, hobbies, and personal growth.
Continuous Learning
Managers, leaders, and executives thrive on learning and growth. Coaching is a dynamic field where personal and professional development are at its core. Through our program, individuals acquire a wealth of coaching knowledge and skills, continuously expanding their expertise and staying ahead in the coaching industry.
Impact and Legacy
Many professionals aspire to leave a lasting legacy. As coaches, they have the opportunity to transform the lives of countless individuals. They can pass on their wisdom, experience, and leadership insights through coaching, leaving a positive mark on the world beyond their 9-to-5 roles.
Autonomy and Control
Traditional jobs often come with constraints and hierarchy. Transitioning to coaching provides autonomy and control over one’s career. Coaches decide their niche, coaching style, and how they want to shape their practice. This level of control can be incredibly liberating and empowering.
Entrepreneurial Spirit
Many executives harbor an entrepreneurial spirit. Coaching allows them to embrace this spirit fully. They become business owners, building their coaching brand, marketing their services, and shaping their entrepreneurial destiny. The ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ provides the knowledge and tools to thrive as a coaching entrepreneur.
These needs aren’t just ideals; they are achievable realities. Countless successful professionals have transitioned to coaching, found fulfillment, financial security, and a better work-life balance. They’ve built thriving coaching practices that have transformed not only their own lives but also the lives of their clients.
Coaching is a path to a brighter future, where you can meet your needs and create a legacy that resonates for generations to come. Join us today, and let us help you embark on this life-changing journey.


Don’t Retire, Inspire – The Executive’s Path to Coaching Success Beyond Retirement
Are you an experienced executive, worried about the uncertainties of retirement and wondering how to make the most of your valuable years ahead? It’s time to unlock your hidden potential and embrace coaching as a career that not only defies age but thrives with it. Discover the path to ageless excellence and financial security through coaching.

Age as Your Advantage

In the world of coaching, age is not a barrier; it’s a badge of wisdom and experience. Coaches, with each passing year, become even more valuable. As you grow older, your insights, leadership acumen, and life experiences become powerful assets in the coaching arena. Clients seek your seasoned guidance and are willing to pay top dollar for it.

Retire from the 9-to-5, Not from Life

Retiring from your corporate role doesn’t mean retiring from a purposeful life. Coaching allows you to continue making a significant impact, shaping the next generation of leaders, and leaving an enduring legacy. It’s a career that rejuvenates your sense of purpose and keeps you engaged, no matter your age.

Your Fees, Your Control

Unlike traditional careers, where retirement often means a fixed income, coaching offers you control over your earning potential. With age comes expertise, and with expertise comes higher fees. Your coaching services become more sought after, and you can set your fees accordingly, ensuring financial stability throughout your golden years.

A Fulfilling Second Act

Your post-retirement years can be the most fulfilling yet. Coaching offers a chance to reinvent yourself, chase your passions, and continue your journey of personal growth. It’s not just a career; it’s a lifelong adventure filled with purpose and inspiration.

Don’t let the fear of retirement hold you back. Embrace coaching as your lifelong career, and step into a future where age is your advantage, fees are in your control, and fulfillment knows no bounds. Join us today, and let coaching be your timeless legacy. Act now and inspire generations to come!


Fear of Job Loss? Coaching Certification – Your Lifeline to Financial Stability”
Are you among the executives who lie awake at night, anxious about the possibility of job loss and the following financial instability? It’s time to turn that fear into a strategic advantage by considering coaching as your safety net, your insurance policy against income gaps during career transitions.
Job Security through Coaching
In today’s ever-changing job market, job security is a rare commodity. However, coaching can provide the financial stability you seek. You can start building your coaching brand alongside your current job by earning your coaching certification. This means that even if you find yourself between jobs, you have a consistent income source as clients seek your valuable coaching services.
Your Certification, Your Lifeline
Think of coaching certification as your lifeline in turbulent career waters. It’s an investment that enhances your skills and ensures a reliable income stream when needed. With a certificate in hand, you have the power to control your financial destiny, regardless of the job market’s ups and downs.
Build Your Brand, Secure Your Future
Coaching isn’t just a side hustle; it’s your financial safety net. As you establish your coaching brand now, you’re setting the stage for long-term financial security. Clients will turn to you for guidance and support, providing a consistent source of income during transitions or unexpected job losses.
Your Path to Resilience
Fear of losing your job is a real concern, but it doesn’t have to paralyze you. Coaching offers a path to resilience and financial stability. It’s a career that thrives in uncertainty and empowers you to thrive.
Don’t let the fear of job loss control your destiny. Instead, use coaching as your lifeline to financial security and stability. Take action today, invest in your coaching certification, and build a future where you control your income and career path. Act now, and transform fear into opportunity!


“Never Fade into Irrelevance – Embrace Coaching as Your Timeless Skill”
Are you an executive who’s built a career in the corporate limelight, but the fear of becoming irrelevant looms large? The fear of becoming irrelevant in the corporate world can be overwhelming, especially after years in the spotlight. However, there’s a solution that ensures you stay at the forefront of your industry.
Imagine possessing a skill that never goes out of date, a skill that continually garners attention and respect from top CEOs and industry leaders. This skill not only keeps you relevant but positions you as a valuable resource, a beacon of knowledge and expertise.
Coaching is an exception in a world where skills can quickly become outdated. It’s a timeless skill that transcends industry trends and technological advancements. When you become a coach, you’re not just acquiring a skill; you’re gaining a ticket to enduring relevance.
As a coach, you become a magnet for top CEOs and industry leaders. Your expertise in leadership growth and development becomes invaluable. They seek your guidance and insights, ensuring you remain at the forefront of industry discussions and decisions.
Executives who fear irrelevance become the solution to leadership growth challenges when they embrace coaching. You’re not just part of the conversation; you lead it. Your coaching acumen provides hope and guidance for those navigating the complex leadership landscape.
Coaching isn’t just about skills; it’s about building meaningful relationships. Executives transitioning to coaching are respected and deeply liked by those they guide. Your ability to connect, inspire, and transform lives commands respect and admiration.
Don’t let the fear of irrelevance overshadow your career. Embrace coaching as your timeless skill, your key to never fading into obscurity. Become the executive who not only enjoys the limelight but also shapes it. Command respect, stay relevant, and remain a force reckoned with in the corporate world. Act now and make coaching your path to lasting significance!


From Leading to Guiding – Redefine Your Legacy and Keep Your Career Thriving
As a CEO, you’ve conquered the boardrooms, steered organizations to success, and experienced the thrill of leadership. But what’s next? The truth is you can’t always be at the helm, and organizations need fresh perspectives and energy. Transitioning from CEO to “CEO Coach” is not just a career move; it’s the most honorable path to keep your journey ever-evolving.

Embrace the CEO Coach’s Mantle

When you become a CEO Coach, you’re not stepping out of the boardrooms but into a different role—one equally impactful and respected. Your mission shifts from leading to guiding, from personal success to enabling others’ victories.


Never Let Your Career End

The journey of a CEO Coach is a continuation, not a full stop. It’s the avenue to channel your wisdom, experience, and leadership acumen into nurturing and developing the next generation of CEOs. Your legacy transforms into a perpetual story of growth and achievement.


A Respected Career Evolution

Transitioning to a CEO Coach is the most respectable way to forward your career. You become the trusted advisor, the mentor, and the source of inspiration for both new and seasoned CEOs. Your victories are no longer singular; they become the collective triumphs of the leaders you guide.


From Success to Significance

As a CEO, you’ve achieved success; as a CEO Coach, you attain significance. Your impact transcends individual organizations; it shapes industries and elevates the entire business world. You become the catalyst for excellence and innovation.


Your Journey Continues

Don’t let your career plateau; let it soar to new heights. Embrace the role of a CEO Coach, where your passion for leadership and your desire for impact find their ultimate expression. Transitioning from CEO to CEO Coach is not an end—it’s a remarkable new beginning. Act now and redefine your legacy as a leader who guides others to greatness!




“HR Professionals, Step into Your Next Leap – Become a Coach and Reimagine Your Future with Confidence.”

As HR professionals, you’ve already delved deep into the intricacies of human behavior. You’re the architects of leadership development within your organization, armed with cutting-edge experience, knowledge, and skills. But have you ever considered the path that leads to a future of even greater freedom and fulfillment?
Transitioning to coaching is your next leap, a journey that empowers you to confidently chart your own course.
You’ve played a pivotal role in nurturing leaders within your organization. You understand the nuances of leadership development like no one else. Coaching allows you to take this expertise to new heights, guiding leaders within your organization and across diverse industries.
Imagine saying goodbye to the constraints of a full-time role, where others set your schedule and priorities. As a coach, you gain the freedom to choose your path, set your hours, and take control of your career. Coaching becomes a source of true autonomy.
Transitioning to coaching is a seamless progression of your mastery in HR. You’re not starting from scratch; you’re building on your foundation. The skills and insights you’ve gained in HR are invaluable assets in your journey to becoming a trusted and effective coach.
The coaching path isn’t just a leap; it’s a leap of confidence. By starting your coaching journey now, you’re preparing for a future where you have the expertise, the reputation, and the network to thrive as a coach. You arrive confidently at a destination of endless possibilities.
Becoming a coach isn’t just a career choice; it’s a transformation. It’s an opportunity to reimagine your career, find greater meaning and fulfillment, and experience a level of freedom you’ve longed for.
Don’t let your HR role define your entire career. Embrace coaching as your next leap, your pathway to autonomy, fulfillment, and endless opportunities. Start your journey now, and confidently create the future you envision. Act today and step into a world where your expertise as an HR professional becomes the foundation of your coaching mastery.


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Our coaching program is tailored for a diverse range of professionals who are looking to transform their careers and secure their futures.
Here’s who should attend, and the benefits they can reap:

Executives Nearing Retirement

Executives Fearing Job Loss

Executives Worried About Relevance

Current CEOs Seeking New Excitement

C-Level Executives without Immediate CEO Opportunities

HR Professionals - CHROs and Learning & Capability Heads

Join our coaching program today and embark on a journey that aligns with your unique career aspirations. Secure your future, stay relevant, and redefine your path to success with coaching. Act now and transform your career trajectory!


Here are the top 7 reasons why you should join the ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’

Learn from the Best

Qaiser Abbas is renowned for his coach training certification program. We are renowned for having one of the most comprehensive, in-depth, and rigorous Coaching Certification programs globally. When you learn from us, you’re learning from the best.

Master the DARE Coaching Framework™

Join the ranks of successful coaches who have mastered the DARE Coaching Framework™, acknowledged and endorsed by the World’s #1 Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith. Elevate your coaching skills to a league of their own.


Access a network of Role Model/Mentor Coaches from around the world. Receive real-time, thorough feedback on your coaching proficiency, helping you grow faster and smarter.

Personalized Attention

Experience individual attention and build a personalized relationship with Qaiser Abbas and the Possibilities Core Team of Coaches. Your success matters to us personally.

Maximize Learning

Seize unlimited opportunities to learn, practice, and apply coaching tools that will supercharge your ability to coach your clients effectively. Your potential knows no bounds.

Elite Coach Network

Become a part of an elite Coach Network that spans the globe. Connect with like-minded professionals on four continents and amplify your influence.

Business Guidance

Benefit from 100 days of exhaustive business plan execution guidance, followed by ongoing support. Leverage Qaiser’s extensive network to ensure your coaching practice reaches the pinnacle of success.

This program equips you with Qaiser’s DARE Coaching System™, empowering you to create extraordinary results for your clients. You’ll be prepared to set up your own coaching practice, brand yourself as a GLOBAL COACH, network with qualified coaches worldwide, and even use Qaiser’s coaching toolkit and marketing materials. Plus, you’ll get the license to use the DARE Coaching System™ endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s #1 Executive Coach.


As a global coach!
Are you ready to elevate your career to new heights? Take the first step towards becoming a certified global coach with none other than Qaiser Abbas, the International Award-Winning Leadership Coach.
By joining Qaiser’s Coaching Certification, you’re not just signing up for a program – you’re entering a world of boundless opportunities. Here’s why this journey is your ticket to success

Transform Your Career

Apply Qaiser’s proven DARE Coaching System™ to revolutionize your professional path. It’s not just coaching; it’s a transformational experience.

Global Reach

Gain direct access to Qaiser Abbas, his rapidly expanding Global Coach Network, and a treasure trove of high-impact coaching materials. You’re tapping into two decades of expertise!

Master Strategies

Learn the strategies, methodologies, and frameworks Qaiser has meticulously developed. This isn’t theory; it’s real-world coaching excellence.

Set Up Your Coaching Practice

Qaiser’s well-designed journey equips you with everything you need to establish and run your coaching practice confidently. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to consistent results!

Join the ranks of successful coaches who have already transformed their careers under Qaiser’s guidance. Don’t just dream of making a difference – take action and become the coach you aspire to be.
This is your moment to shine, inspire, and create a lasting impact. Are you ready to start your journey as a GLOBAL COACH with QAISER ABBAS? The future of coaching excellence awaits you!


With our ‘Global Coach Certification Program™,’ you’ll not only learn but master Qaiser’s DARE Coaching System™ – a game-changer in the coaching world.

Here’s why this system is your ticket to creating extraordinary results


Our Certified Coaches have successfully applied their coaching knowledge, skills, tools, and the DARE Coaching Model™ across over a dozen specialized Coaching Practice Categories. Your coaching journey knows no boundaries!


Confidence and Skill

The Dare Coaching Mode™ instills the confidence and skill you need to address your clients’ challenges head-on. No problem is too big when you have this powerful coaching system in your arsenal.


Worldwide Network

This in-depth training equips you to coach people in various settings and professions, transcending geographical and professional boundaries. Your impact can reach far and wide.


Don’t settle for ordinary when you can achieve extraordinary results as a certified coach with QAISER’S DARE COACHING SYSTEM™. Whether you’re interested in specialized coaching or looking to make a difference in diverse settings, this system is your secret weapon. Join the ranks of successful coaches who have harnessed the power of DARE Coaching Mode™ to transform lives and elevate their coaching careers. Are you ready to embrace the extraordinary?


Our coaching program is designed specifically for ambitious professionals like you who are poised to transform their careers and ensure a secure and fulfilling future. Let us unveil the remarkable benefits that await you

HR Professionals, CHROs and Learning & Capability Heads

Executives Fearing Job Loss

Executives Nearing Retirement

C-Level Executives without Immediate CEO Opportunities

Executives Worried About Relevance

Current CEOs Seeking New Excitement

Join our coaching program today and embark on a journey that aligns with your unique career aspirations. Secure your future, stay relevant, and redefine your path to success with coaching. Act now and transform your career trajectory!


Your 100-Day journey with Qaiser Abbas will prepare you to
Your 100-Day journey with Qaiser Abbas is a transformative experience that will equip you with the tools, knowledge, and skills to make a profound impact as a certified global coach. Here’s what you can expect to achieve
Access to Coaching Excellence
Gain exclusive access to Qaiser’s Coaching Proposals, Client Management System, Coaching Contracts, Client Engagement Processes, Coaching Templates, and Coaching Frameworks. These resources are your keys to coaching success.
Business Blueprint
Design a robust strategy to set up your very own coaching practice under the expert supervision of Qaiser’s Core, Global Coaches Team. You’ll receive 100-day business plan application support, ensuring your practice takes off smoothly.
Global Coach Branding
Position yourself as a GLOBAL COACH within one of the 12 Coaching Services Categories. This distinction sets you apart as a top-tier coach, ready to impact lives worldwide.
Network Expansion
Connect with qualified coaches from all corners of the globe using a unified coaching Process – the DARE Coaching System™. Your network will be your support system and source of continuous growth.
Coaching Toolkit
Access Qaiser’s Coaching Toolkit and Marketing Materials, simplifying the process of launching your coaching practice immediately after certification. You’ll have the resources you need to hit the ground running.
DARE Coaching System™ License
Gain the coveted license to use Qaiser’s DARE Coaching System™, endorsed by the World’s #1 Executive Coach, Marshall Goldsmith. It’s a stamp of excellence that opens doors.
Become a Change Agent
Transform lives as you delve into specialty coaching streams. Use your newfound expertise to help people create meaningful change and reach their full potential.


Joining the ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ is an exclusive opportunity!
Not just anyone can become a part of this elite program. We believe in the power of selectivity, ensuring that only the best candidates are admitted. This program is known for its comprehensive and rigorous coaching certification. It includes face-to-face training, coaching practice with real clients, self-paced e-learning, mentor coaching, and a final coach assessment.
Here’s how we make sure this program remains a cut above the rest

Rigorous Selection Process

Our coaching team meticulously selects the crème de la crème from thousands of applicants through a 3-step, transparent evaluation process. We’re committed to excellence.


Oversubscribed Excellence

Our ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ has consistently been oversubscribed, a testament to its value. The rigorous selection process and high participation criteria ensure that only the most dedicated individuals are chosen.


Step #1

Application Review

Step #2


Step #3




At the ‘GLOBAL COACH CERTIFICATION PROGRAM™,’ we don’t just teach coaching; we transform you into a coaching powerhouse using QAISER’S signature learning philosophy. Learning with QAISER is an experience like no other. While we take coaching seriously with demonstrations and debrief sessions, we ensure the learning journey is entertaining.

With QAISER as your partner, you’ll embark on an exciting, creative, and consistent journey to elevate your status as a GLOBAL COACH. Our methodology isn’t just about learning; it’s about transformation. Here’s how we do it

Multi-Stage Learning

Our all-inclusive coach training takes you through a multi-stage learning process that covers every facet of coaching excellence. It includes

Coaching Demos

Witness coaching excellence in action through live demonstrations.

Knowledge Testing

Validate your understanding of coaching concepts with rigorous knowledge testing.


Keep your learning sharp with quizzes that challenge your coaching prowess.

Hands-on Coaching Practice

Apply what you’ve learned with hands-on coaching practice to hone your skills.


Deepen your understanding through thought-provoking assignments.

Group Work

Collaborate with peers to gain diverse perspectives on coaching scenarios.

One-on-One Mentoring

Receive personalized mentoring to refine your coaching approach.

Group Support

Lean on your fellow participants for support and insights.

Peer Coaching

Experience coaching from different viewpoints – as a coach, client, and neutral observer.

Learning Tournaments

Compete in learning tournaments to advance your coaching abilities.

Video Feedback

Receive valuable feedback through video analysis of your coaching sessions.
Each stage of our coaching certification program unlocks a deeper understanding and mastery of coaching concepts and practice. We believe in holistic learning and encourage you to embrace coaching from various angles.


Here’s what it takes to secure your position as a certified global coach

Component #1 - Immersive Training Experience

(Interactive Learning in Classroom or Online Settings)

Component #2 - Coaching Proficiency with Real Clients

Component #3 - Self-Paced e-Learning

Component #4 - Mentor Coaching to help you set up your coaching practice.

Component #5 - Final Coach Assessment


Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable journey of Qaiser Abbas, a globally recognized and award-winning Leadership Coach. Qaiser’s achievements speak volumes about his expertise and impact in the world of coaching:
Qaiser is the author of nine bestselling books, with his recent masterpiece “Speed Coaching”, published by Hay House, USA. His other book ‘Made in Crises’ was nominated for the prestigious Business Book of the Year Award in 2021.
With an educational background in Organizational Psychology, Qaiser’s insights into human behavior and leadership are profound and practical.
Over his 20-year journey as a Leadership Coach, Qaiser has had the privilege to coach CEOs, business leaders, and luminaries from the sports and media worlds.
Qaiser’s crowning achievement is the creation of the DARE Coaching System™, a transformative coaching approach practiced by over a thousand coaching professionals across four continents.
His clientele boasts many Fortune 500 companies, including Unilever, PepsiCo, Nestle, Total, Friesland Campina, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and more.
Qaiser’s excellence has been recognized globally. He is the recipient of the ‘Brian Tracy International Excellence Award 2017’ in London and the ‘Trainer of the Year Award for Asia by the World HRD Congress in Singapore.
Qaiser’s blockbuster book ‘Tick Tick Dollar’ catapulted him to fame. His keynotes and books have touched the lives of millions around the globe, inspiring change and transformation.
Beyond coaching and training leaders in top multinational corporations, the World Bank, WHO, and the US Embassy, Qaiser is on a mission to make a massive contribution to society through ‘Possibilities Schools’ and the ‘My First Bike’ movement. Notably, 100% of his book proceeds support the education of underprivileged children.
With Qaiser Abbas at the helm of your organization’s coaching journey, your internal team is not just learning from a coach but from a true visionary and a catalyst for change. Customize the ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’ for your organization today and embrace the opportunity to train under his guidance.

Join the ‘Global Coach Certification Program™’

And pave the way for a world of meaningful transformation. Act today and seize your destiny as a certified coach.
For more information,

Rehana Sher

Head of Coaching Services

Transform your career. Secure your future. Leave a lasting legacy.