To empower and transform youth with the objective of creating a global alliance for peace and development.



To positively impact every young soul on the planet, build a global forum where all young people can learn, and develop a unified voice to take collective action toward social, economic, and environmental progress.

Love & Respect

We work, learn and grow with each other. We intentionally seek to engage collaborators from across political, ideological, cultural and other differences because we believe that active engagement with others – even when we do not agree on important issues – is critical for creating a sense of the common good and working for positive community and social change.

Integrity & Responsiblity

We walk the talk as talent and asset builders. We cat with honesty and integrity holding ourselves to the highest standards of moral and ethical values. We ensure that our actions are consistent with our words, and that we act fairly and responsibility in all our actions.


We constantly seek to challenge our limits of efficacy and boundaries of thinking because we know that fear is just false evidence appearing real and that real growth happens outside the comfort zone.


We recognize, value, and celebrate the talent of people from diverse backgrounds and culture. We are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive multicultural environment for all members of youth studio. The integration of multifarious cultural values and ideas into what we do at all levels, from training to decision making is critical to the mission of youth studio.

Passion For Learning

We share learning internally and externally and strive to develop cutting edge training, coaching, networking and learning interventions.


We see responsibility as an embrace of strengths and areas of improvement that makes our team unique and colorful. We believe that he who hasn’t made mistakes hasn’t tried anything.