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Qaiser Abbas


International Award-Winning Leadership Coach
Author & Keynote Speaker

A Business Psychologist by education, Qaiser Abbas is an Award-Winning Leadership Coach, Sought-after Keynote Speaker, and the author of 10 bestselling books, including ‘Power of Teams.

Qaiser’s ‘Dare Coaching Framework’™ has been endorsed by World’s #1 Leadership Coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. He is the Master Mind behind one of the fastest-growing, Coach-Networks, spread in four continents with over 250 Certified Coaches.

In his 20 years journey as Leadership Coach, Qaiser has had the privilege to coach CEOs, business leaders, celebrities and superstars of sports, movies, and media. His clients include many Fortune 500 companies like Toyota, GE, Nestle, Philips, Total,

Arif Anis


Influential writer, coach, and authority expert.


Arif Anis is a globally known thought leader and author of the bestseller I’M POSSIBLE and ‘Follow Your Dreams’. As a celebrated human capital expert, Anis has coached top corporate leaders, heads of state, movie stars, and CEOs. Many of his coaching and consulting clients come from Fortune 500 and FTSElOO companies, including governments and multilateral organisations.

Arif Anis was recently voted ‘Brain of the Year’ by Tony Buzan’s Brain Trust in November 2020. Anis was named ‘the Global Man of The Year’in2019, by Global Man Magazine. The 2018 edition of Power 100 British Parliamentary Review listed Arif Anis among the 100 most influential trailblazers in Europe.

Anis supports H.R.H. Prince of Wales’s The British Asian Trust. Anis co-founded One Million Meals and is a trustee of the world’s largest interest-free microfinance loan provider Akhuwat. Anis’s initiatives have been featured at BBC, ITV, Sky, CNBC, The Telegraph, Yahoo, and many other global platforms.


‘Made In Crises‘ discovers that female leaders are changing the leadership landscape by taking decisive actions while flexing their compassion muscles. This discovery was a big shocker. The epitome of crisis leaders turned out to be IacindaArden, Angela Merkel, Sanna Marin, Tsai Ing-wen, Ema Solberg, Katrin Jackobsdottir, and Mette Frederiksen compared to the authoritarian, vainglorious, blustering and narcissiStic Boris Johnson in Britain, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran, Donald Trump in the United States, Narendra Modi in India and Vladimir Putin in Russia. Virtually every country that has experienced coronavirus mortality at a rate of more than 150 per million inhabitants is male-led.

The authors and leadership experts Qaiser Abbas & Arif Anis have hammered together a framework named PRICE, encapsulating the last 300 years of crises leadership in a nutshell with the idea to provide leaders of all shapes and sizes an anchor to hold on to when the sky has fallen on their heads. The PRICE framework offers practical and pragmatic solutions to the leaders who are willing to rewrite the post-Corona script of the world.


Raymond Aaron, New York Times Top Ten Bestselling Author, Canada

This book is a must-read. Qaiser and Arif share the biggest success principles of the leaders, from Lincoln to
Shackleton and Arden, who managed to ride the waves in tempestuous waters. The principal elegance of this
book is that the authors spent years working with the top CEOs and managed to relate it to the biggest
question of our time; how to outlive coronavirus and grow in uncertain times.

Raymond Aaron

New York Times Top
Ten Bestselling Author, Canada

John Tschohl, Customer Service Guru and author of 8 books on Customer Service including his new book Relentless

Made in Crisis will prepare you to become Relentless and deliver superior service. Arif and Qaiser will help
you master the secrets of Success critical to your survival after COVID-19. Everyone can be more
successful. Learn from the masters.

John Tschohl

Customer Service Guru and author of 8
books on Customer Service including his new book Relentless, USA

Vanessa O’Brien, Author, To The Greatest Heights, Simon & Schuster (USA), Quercus (Worldwide

“A clever leadership assessment filled with valuable insights, relatable stories, and role models. The book
opens with two Chinese symbols that make up the word crisis – danger and opportunity. Abbas and Anis show
us how something unexpected, like a global pandemic, along with and few suggested tools, will prepare
leaders and take them from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Vanessa O’Brien

Author, To The Greatest Heights,
Simon & Schuster (USA), Quercus (Worldwide)

Veronica Tan, Co-Founder and Group General Manager at Success Resources, Singapore

Arif and Qaiser have put together a very wide-ranging and useful guide to route through these unparalleled
times. The challenges can be tremendous, particularly when your personal livelihood and possibly your life
savings are on the line. Due to their leadership development background, the authors condensed the
knowledge into very easily understood and applied processes. This book will help any business owners to
manage through constantly changing markets, reexamine their strategies, and redirect their efforts to
achieve the highest possible rewards.

Veronica Tan

Co-Founder and Group General Manager at
Success Resources, Singapore

Richard Hawkes

Made in Crises is a book connected with the spirit of this time. The coronavirus pandemic exposed deep
fissures on the fault lines of global leadership. The book analyses them in-depth and brings us winners, and
unexpectedly most of them are women. We seem to be on a turning point of history, and Arif and Qaiser have
measured up to the challenge of pointing toward the next frontiers in the crisis leadership..

Richard Hawkes

Chief Executive of The British Asian
Trust (in the patronage of the Prince of Wales), UK

Lidija M Rosati, Award Winning Author, Keynote Speaker & Performance Strategist, UK

If there is one book you need to read on Crisis Leadership, this is the one. Arif & Qaiser bring a wealth
of global experience in this gem of a book, that leaders and those aspire to become leaders should use as a
reference book. Remarkable work full of wisdom that comes from experience.

Lidija M Rosati

Award Winning Author, Keynote Speaker
& Performance Strategist, UK

Rick Lowe, Entrepreneur and Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, UK

‘Made In Crises’ provides though-provoking insights into the new business landscape. Entrepreneurs can take
real value from the priceless strategies and perspectives shared by Qaiser & Arif, and better understand how to
leverage opportunities out of crises.

Rick Lowe

Entrepreneur and Master of the Guild of
Entrepreneurs, UK

James ‘’Jim’’ Lanas, Founder & CEO Team Player HR

‘Made In Crises’ is a rare book of its kind with out of the box insights on turning crises into opportunities. Rather
than the crises controlling the outcomes, the authors bring the real element of the human factor in their work
sharing it with others, throughout their impeccable story.

James ‘’Jim’’ Lanas

Founder & CEO Team Player HR

Chris Day, Secretary World Memory Championships, UK

The number of top names who are a part of this book speaks for itself. If you are looking for insight and
clarity in these turbulent times, then this is your bible. Full of wisdom, good pragmatic sense, and unexpected
gems, this book is one you will be referring back to for years to come. Keep it close. You’ll be needing it!

Chris Day

Secretary World Memory Championships, UK

Alexandra Truta, Managing Director Authoritize. UK

Fantastic read, Qaiser and Arif share amazing biographical insights that give you perspectives on how
great leaders have been created while everything is collapsing around them. One of my new favorite books
that tackles the coronavirus pandemic, the biggest crisis of our time.

Alexandra Truta

Managing Director Authoritize. UK

Ricardo Mendoza,

This book is a treasure trove for leaders. I wonder why so little is available on ‘crisis leadership’ while there are
plenty of manuals available on ‘crisis management’. Perhaps it is the challenge that leadership is a dive in
the unknown, but Arif and Qaiser managed to provide us with a blueprint for the uncharted waters.

Ricardo Mendoza

Maximum Results and Behaviour
Specialist Authorised Tony Robbins Europe Speaker, Portugal

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In Chinese, the character for the word crisis is made up of two symbols, danger and opportunity. A crisis is the ultimate test a leader can endure as while it swiftly reveals a leader’s capabilities and strengths; it can also, expose the underlying weak spots. The unpredictable, dramatic, and highly charged events surrounding a crisis can profoundly affect the people in an organisation and threaten its very existence. A crisis is a condition of instability in social, economic, political, or international affairs, leading to a decisive change. Most of us are ordinary people until a crisis finds us. It is an interesting study of how various crises inspired great leadership icons and how these symbols of prominence Stirred a distinct set of events.

Crises bring with them opportunities for leaders to stretch, embrace, and evolve new behaviours, solutions, and attitudes. Like every seriously committed business leader of today, if you too are overwhelmed by what the world experienced in 2020 in the form of the Coronavirus pandemic and searching for a new growth trail for your company and have not yet traced out a trajectory towards it, this book is our gift to you.


This ‘mother of crises,’ caused a series of unthinkable events; millions got infected in the first world, hundreds of thousands died in the most advanced clinical setting, thousands of billions were lost in the bloodbath in the stock market, capitalism embraced socialism, and nuclear-armed global economies shuddered like a house of cards in the face of the pandemic. And mighty leaders, business and political, crumbled like Icarus, the son of the master craftsman Daedalus, whose waxen wings melted when he flew too close to the sun.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems the whole leadership playbook needs to be rewritten, including the very definition of crisis leadership. This shift from the ‘best practices’ of today to tomorrow’s ‘next practices’ will ensure your business will thrive in the new normal.