World’s 1st Train The Trainer Program that empowers you to launch your own training business

With Qaiser Abbas

Asia’s Trainer of The Year Award, 2017
by World HRD Congress, Singapore


Are you ready to get the right skills and resources you need to become a super-class, vibrant and high-impact success trainer?

Qaiser is on a mission to help you ‘walk through’ his proven and established training, speaking and business building strategies in a ‘guided tour’. You will access Qaiser’s personal secret of delivering result-oriented trainings in front of any range of audiences.

Qaiser Abbas aspires to impact millions in Pakistan and around the globe through his 100 personally trained trainers. You can actually be one of those 100 trainers personally trained by Qaiser Abbas.

Qaiser will ensure you fully understand, master and use his tested tools, techniques and content.
You will get a chance to master his methodologies, training design, framework and learning model.


Qaiser and his team dedicated over 15 years, researching, creating, designing, and planning for this Program to nurturing the next line of higly paid motivational speakers and success trainers.

In this Program, Qaiser shares his undisclosed methods, tools, philosophies and strategies on how to rise to the top in training and speaking business.

After developing the Fastest Growing Coach Network in the region comprising 200 Certified Success Coaches in 50 Cities of 7 Countries, Qaiser Abbas aims to build a Topnotch Network of Certified Trainers.




Through his personal example of an extraordinary journey, Qaiser will teach you the core of the training business by sharing his very personal trade secrets with you on the following:


How to position, launch and differentiate yourself in a crowded training market? Qaiser will take you through a rigorous process to find your niche and develop your core strength as a trainer.


How to design research-based, result-oriented training interventions? You will develop your own training program under Qaiser’s supervision using his proven methods and frameworks


Developing Clients
How to approach clients and lock deals on a consistent basis? Qaiser will teach you his proven sales process and equip you with the power tools to negotiate and lock win-win deals.


Ensuring Impact
How to partner with the clients to create and assess the impact of your work. You will learn the art of Client Relationship Management utilizing Qaiser’s hard-learned framework.

12 Reasons to Join Qaiser’s TTT


Pakistan’s only TTT Program that allows participants to experience the complete journey of the training cycle.


In-depth focus on practicing.


Combination of class room and field experience including actual client interaction.


You will be authorized to use Qaiser’s Copyright materials, frameworks and content.


Opportunity to practice the training concepts with real audience.


Permission to use Qaiser’s ORDER Training System.


Permission to use Qaiser’s ARTS Learning Methodology


Course Materials Including actual Power Point Presentations used by Qaiser during the TTT program as part of your courseware. 


Support in setting up your own training Practice.


Practical exposure to the training world by connecting you with Qaiser’s real clients for Pre-Training Customization activities.


A chance to join Qaiser’s Trainer’s Network


Opportunity to join Qaiser’s Team of Trainers at Possibilities


Rising from complete obscurity, Qaiser has left a big dent in the training market with his unique positioning with over 300 top MNCs in 20 plus countries.

After 16 years of phenomenal success, Qaiser is finally all set to reveal to his TTT participants the secret formula(s) that give him the edge to earn the premium fee in the cut-throat marketplace – consistently.

1. Qaiser’s personal 5-stage Training Assignment Management Framework to create a no-fail customized learning experience.

2. Qaiser’s unique ARTS Learning Methodology to ensure sustained training results.

3. Qaiser’s signature openers, closers and energizers.

4. Qaiser’s unique storytelling strategies along with few sample stories.

5. Secrets of power presentation and facilitation skills.

6. Tools on handling tough audiences, responding to questions and managing the unexpected during training.

7. How to keep the audience engaged, involved and motivated throughout the session.

8. How to guarantee extraordinary service to the clients?


1. Pre-Qualification
o Application Review
o Assessment
o Final Interview

2. Pre-Training [e-learning Modules]

3. THREE days of Extensive Face to Face Learning Experience with Qaiser including Training Demos and Practice in a safe environment.

4. 12 weeks of active Application of Training Tools in delivering a training project under the supervision of Qaiser’s Training Team. Facilitated practice and reporting by participants to the Master Trainer and Team through training projects.

5. TWO days of our Advance Training on Facilitation, Presentation, Story Telling, and Selling Skills.

6. FINAL Project & evaluation before the certification.

Qaiser’s cutting edge tools will enable you to empower your audiences to take charge of their lives, make smarter choices, handle obstacles, build collaborative relations and create the results they desire.


1. Course Materials including actual Power Point Presentations used by Qaiser during the TTT Program as part of your courseware.
2. Practical exposure to the training world by connecting you with Qaiser’s real clients for Pre- Training Customization Activities.
3. Access to Qaiser’s Copyright materials, frameworks and content.
4. Permission to use Qaiser’s ARTS Learning Methodology.
5. Permission to use Qaiser’s ORDER Training System™
6. Opportunity to join Qaiser’s Team of Trainers at Possibilities.
7. A chance to join Qaiser’s Trainer’s Network.
8. TTT Certicate
9. TTT Medal

Learning Invesment: PKR 250,000/- Per Participant


• Fee doesn’t include travelling, boarding and lodging of the participants.

Note: If you’re not completely satisfied with your training or certification experience, let us know within 30 days and we will refund your enrollment fee. It is not guaranteed that you would be selected for the program. There is a rigorous selection process which you need to clear first.

A worth learning experience. Qaiser Abbas has shared his very own techniques and methodologies along with his customized documents with us. He has very successfully transferred his energy into us, igniting our passions. More to serve this country as a Rockstar trainer!! I strongly recommend this course to all those souls who are eager to hit the floors of training industry as exceptionally shinning stars!!


Within a month of attending stage 1 of Train The Trainer with Qaiser Abbas, I locked and delivered a training deal with a leading telecom company of Pakistan worth PKR 225,000. I am thankful to Qaiser Abbas for giving me the tools of becoming a quality trainer. Highly recommended for all aspiring trainers.



It was a high quality event. The content and delivery of training was simply exceptional. Concrete examples, real-life application, excellent analysis, constructive feedback and productive discussions with a talented group of trainers were some of the key features of this program. The best part of the training, for me, which is truly the essence of this program, is the mentoring relationship with Sir Qaiser Abbas. I highly recommend this course to the professionals who are eager to build a career in the corporate training industry.


A comprehensively designed, brilliant program. You get trained on everything that is required to be a super star trainer. Writing winning training proposals, conducting TNA for actual corporate clients, co-facilitating Qaiser in his interventions, designing result-oriented training programs, access to Qaiser’s own templates, negotiating a premium price with clients….you name it and everything is there. One thing is guaranteed, once you walk out of this program after successful completion, you are all set to live your dream right from day 1.



International Award-Winning Motivational Speaker
Premium Success Coach & Bestselling Author

Asia’s ‘Trainer of The Year Award’ 2017 by World HRD Congress, Singapore
Brian Tracy International Excellence Award’ 2017, United Kingdom
Originator of ‘ARTS’ Learning Philosophy

Qaiser Abbas is an International Award-Winning Success Coach, Premium Motivational Speaker, and bestselling Author. Qaiser has recently won ‘Brian Tracy International Excellence Award 2017, held in London. He is also the recipient of ‘Trainer of the Year Award for Asia’ by World HRD Congress, Singapore.

Qaiser shot to fame by his blockbuster book ‘Tick Tick Dollar’. Qaiser is a 
living example of overcoming adversity and turning dreams into reality and has touched the lives of millions around the globe.

In the last 1
years, Qaiser has successfully trained and coached clients ranging from corporate leaders, leaders, top CEOs, entrepreneurs, high-potential managers to top

superstars of business, sports, movies, science, media, army, and education in 20 countries; in world’s top MNCs, Fortune 500 companies, governments, UN bodies, educational institutes, start-ups and non-profit organizations.

His clients 
include World Bank, WHO, US Embassy, Toyota, GE, Nestle, Philips, Total, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever, Abbott, and Reckitt-Benckiser to name a few.

Qaiser is making a massive contribution to society through‘Possibilities Schools’ and ‘My First Bike’His 100% books proceeds support out-of-school children’s education. To know more about him you can visit or
For coaching appointments; write at or call at +92 321 4333 387.