Speed Coaching By Qaiser Abbas

An informal, usually unplanned, or unexpected opportunity for a leader or a manager to have a dialogue with an employee aimed at facilitating the employee to problem solve or learn from work experience.

About Qaiser Abbas

A Business Psychologist by education, Qaiser Abbas is an Award-Winning Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, and international bestselling author. Qaiser is the recipient of the ‘Brian Tracy International Excellence Award 2017, held in London. Qaiser shot to fame by his blockbuster book ‘Tick Tick Dollar.’ Qaiser is a living example of overcoming adversity and turning dreams into reality. Through his ‘My First Bike’ movement, he is massively impacting underprivileged children’s lives.


ou don’t have to be a certified coach to benefit from the proven coaching tools and principles. ‘Speed Coaching is written to help leaders make the best of what coaching has to offer – the dialogue, tools, and the mindset to think like a coach, listen like a coach, talk like a coach and act like a coach.
The book will help you learn how to spot and take advantage of daily opportunities to engage their teams in quick, focused, and meaningful coaching conversations; leveraging those interactions to transform themselves, their teams, and their organizations.
Instead of making coaching a structured, rigorous process offered to only a few key executives at the top, Speed Coaching aims to introduce coaching as an exchange of ideas and dialogues between employees and managers at all levels that is positive, motivating, and forward-looking.
Speed Coaching’ is intended to help leaders take advantage of the quick, often taken-for-granted conversations they have with their employees every day. It allows leaders to coach on-the-fly whenever the opportunity arises taking a sip of the coaching process that is spontaneous, improvised, and powerful.

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Viewing the constraints of complicated, multi-step traditional coaching models, this quick read provides a simple and prompt coaching process that makes coaching memorable and accessible, in-the-moment for both novice and experienced leaders alike.

‘Speed Coaching’ is a substitute for formalized coaching which is usually time-consuming and at times gets overlooked for the more immediate responsibilities. The key is not to carve out time to coach, but rather embed coaching into the time you already have.


Coaching doesn’t have to be limited to the professional setting. Informal coaching conversations can take place anywhere and everywhere. By using ATM Formula, given in the book, almost every conversation can be converted into a coaching conversation. ‘Speed Coaching’ aims to create coach-like leaders who are fully equipped to turn ordinary chats into more insightful and result-oriented coaching dialogues.  Speed Coaching’ will make you ready and equipped to take advantage of a conversation during exchanges that happen every day – on an elevator, in the cafeteria, over an afternoon cup of coffee, or passing in the hallway. You will be able to contribute to the creation of a coaching culture, where coaching becomes part of the fabric of the organization.


What Other Author's Say's

‘Speed Coaching’ will allow your leaders to embrace ‘coach-like leadership style’. They will be able to engage people in a positive exchange that allows the person to be coached, explore what is possible, and commit to constructive, forward-looking actions.

Foreword - Marshall Goldsmith

“Speed Coaching” by Qaiser introduces a groundbreaking approach to leadership coaching, emphasizing the need for hands-on, practical coaching integrated into everyday interactions with team members. In today’s fast-paced and constantly changing business landscape, traditional methods of career development no longer suffice. The book highlights the importance of managers adapting to this reality by inspiring innovation, fostering commitment, and developing employees’ strengths naturally through conversations. It encourages leaders to view coaching as an investment in both individual and organizational success and emphasizes the vital role it plays in employee retention and organizational capacity building. “Speed Coaching” is a relatable and insightful guide for leaders, grounded in psychological principles and behavioral science, offering a fresh perspective on how to engage teams and drive meaningful growth in the modern workplace.

Marshall Goldsmith
Thinkers50 Hall of Fame and Executive Coach
Author of New York Times Bestsellers ‘What Got you Here Won’t Get You There,’ ‘Triggers,’ and ‘Mojo’