Discover the Power of Impactful Coaching Conversations in Minutes

With “Speed Coaching,” discover a world where coaching isn’t confined to certificates and formal sessions. It’s about harnessing the power of everyday dialogues to think, listen, speak, and act like a coach—transforming not just your approach but also inspiring growth within your team and organization. 

This groundbreaking book guides you to recognize and seize the often-missed moments of your day for quick, impactful coaching conversations. It’s an invitation to make coaching a natural, inspiring, and progressive part of every interaction, across all levels of your organization. 

“Speed Coaching” redefines leadership. It equips you to lead on-the-go, turning every quick chat into a moment of powerful connection and learning. Forget lengthy, structured coaching—this is about immediate, dynamic, and effective leadership in action. 

Founder of Possibilities

Become the leader who inspires change in the hallway, in the elevator, and in every “hello.” 


Streamlined Coaching for the Fast-Paced World

In a landscape filled with complex coaching methods, “Speed Coaching” stands out by simplifying the process. It’s designed for leaders who need coaching solutions that are as dynamic and fast-paced as the business world itself. This isn’t just another coaching book—it’s a playbook for embedding impactful coaching into your daily life without the need for formal, time-intensive methods. 

“Speed Coaching” breaks down the barriers of traditional coaching, offering a method that’s both memorable and actionable. It caters to both newcomers and seasoned leaders, transforming the very notion of coaching from something you schedule to something you live. 

Don't set aside time to coach—make coaching a part of your time.

The Inspiration Behind
"Speed Coaching"

Transforming Conversations Into Opportunities
What if every chat could be a catalyst for growth? “Speed Coaching” was born from the idea that coaching should transcend the bounds of formal settings and become a natural part of everyday life. Imagine turning your casual exchanges—the ones in the elevator, at the cafeteria, or during a coffee break—into moments of insight and connection.
This book introduces the ATM Formula, a revolutionary approach that empowers you to infuse coaching into almost any conversation. It’s about shaping a world where leaders don’t just talk—they inspire, they guide, they transform. 
“Speed Coaching” is your tool to become a leader who weaves coaching into the organization’s fabric, crafting a culture where every interaction is an avenue for learning and leadership. 

Be the leader who finds the extraordinary in the ordinary—every day.

Defining "SPEED COACHING" - An Unconventional Approach to Leadership

Coaching in the Moment, Wherever You Are

At its core, “Speed Coaching” is the art of capitalizing on the impromptu, the unplanned, and the spontaneous. It’s an informal yet powerful dialogue between a leader and a team member, one that’s aimed not at giving directions but at fostering the ability to problem-solve and learn from every situation. 

“Speed Coaching” turns conventional wisdom on its head. Instead of formal training sessions, it thrives in the moment-to-moment exchanges that offer rich soil for growth and learning. It’s about guiding your team to discover solutions themselves in any given scenario, affirming that the path to wisdom often begins with a question, not an answer. 

Harness the power of the spontaneity with “Speed Coaching”—where every interaction is an opportunity to lead and learn.

What Will "Speed Coaching" Teach You?

Transforming Conversations Into Opportunities

Embark on a journey with “Speed Coaching” that will revolutionize your approach to leadership and communication. This book isn’t just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about applying it in ways that are measurable, impactful, and research-backed. 

Dialogue vs. Monologue

You’ll learn to distinguish between simply delivering information and engaging in meaningful two-way dialogues. Research from organizational psychology shows that dialogic coaching can lead to a 47% higher performance when compared to traditional directive conversations (Smith, 2021).

Actionable Tools

With each page, you’ll gain access to practical tools that will help you make a tangible difference every day. According to a study by the Institute of Coaching, managers who employ coaching techniques report a 65% increase in employee satisfaction and performance.

Cultivating a Coaching Culture

Discover how to foster an environment where dialogue is the heartbeat of every interaction, leading to enhanced creativity, problem-solving, and service excellence. Organizations with a strong coaching culture have reported 30% higher growth rates compared to their competitors (Global Coaching Study, 2022).

Hands-On Skill Development

"Speed Coaching" is rooted in evidence-based practices and the rich experience of countless coaching sessions. By refining your dialogue skills, you can expect to see a substantial impact on your team’s ability to meet and exceed their goals.

“Speed Coaching” is more than a book; it’s a blueprint for building a resilient, agile, and highly engaged team. Prepare to transform your organization one conversation at a time. 

Equip yourself with the language of leaders. Embrace the 'Speed Coaching' method and lead the change.

How "SPEED COACHING" Catalyzes Business Growth

Transforming Leadership, Transforming Organizations

“Speed Coaching” is not just a book—it’s a movement that has reshaped the fabric of leadership across industries. For over a decade, this approach has been at the forefront of turning managers into mentors and conversations into opportunities for growth.

Leadership Reimagined

Dive into the pages of "Speed Coaching" and discover how the nuanced art of coaching can become a driving force in your organization. It begins with leaders at the top and cascades to every corner of your company, infusing a language of empowerment and engagement.

Proven Impact

With the insights and strategies outlined in "Speed Coaching," you'll join the ranks of hundreds of leaders who have witnessed a remarkable transformation. Organizations worldwide have reported a significant shift in communication dynamics, with a domino effect that elevates the entire business structure.

Rapid Integration

Experience the rapid adoption of a coaching mindset that integrates seamlessly into daily interactions. Within weeks, witness a cultural shift where every team member speaks a new dialect of leadership, one that fosters collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Embark on a journey with “Speed Coaching” and unlock the potential to revolutionize your business from the inside out. Be a part of the change that leads to a dynamic, responsive, and thriving organizational culture.

Ready to lead the charge? “Speed Coaching” is your key to unlocking a world of limitless possibilities. 

Discover the Transformative Benefits of "SPEED COACHING"

“Speed Coaching” isn’t just about improving individual leaders—it’s about elevating entire organizations. By adopting the principles of Speed Coaching, businesses witness a profound shift in their operational dynamics.

Peak Performance & Productivity

Organizations that integrate coaching into their leadership style consistently outperform their competitors. They foster a culture where continuous feedback is integral, far surpassing the limitations of annual reviews. This culture of constant, meaningful exchange sparks innovation and drives productivity at every level.

Empowerment Across the Board

The Speed Coaching framework is designed for every leader, regardless of their position. It empowers them to provide both formal and informal feedback, set clear directions, and forge agreements that cultivate a strong sense of ownership and accountability in their teams.

Cultivating a Coaching Culture

With “Speed Coaching,” you’ll be equipped to nurture an environment that prizes understanding, collaboration, and growth. The principles laid out in this book aren’t just strategies—they’re the building blocks of a coaching culture that will become second nature within your organization.

Through these pages, you’ll gain not just knowledge, but a blueprint for fostering a resilient, agile, and highly motivated workforce. “Speed Coaching” is the key to unlocking the full potential of your people and the success of your business.

Embrace the Speed Coaching advantage—where every conversation can lead to your organization’s next big breakthrough.

What Leaders Can Achieve with "Speed Coaching"

Embarking on a Journey of Enlightened Leadership

“Speed Coaching” is a transformative approach that redefines leadership success. It empowers leaders to adopt a coaching mindset, fostering a culture of positivity, possibility, and proactive action.

Empathetic Engagement

Through Speed Coaching, leaders learn the perspectives of their team members, appreciating their unique experiences and realities. This empathetic approach is the cornerstone of a thriving workplace environment.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Speed Coaching encourages a partnership ethos where leaders work alongside their teams to uncover solutions and navigate through challenges. It's about empowering employees to assess options and grasp the consequences of their choices.

Action & Accountability

By implementing a simple four-step framework, leaders not only prompt action but also take part in tracking progress and celebrating milestones. This ongoing support reinforces accountability and keeps teams aligned with their objectives.

Natural, Judgement-Free Conversations

Say goodbye to forced, awkward exchanges. Speed Coaching promotes a fluid communication style that feels natural and encouraging, fostering an atmosphere where motivation and commitment are organically cultivated.

Leaders who embrace Speed Coaching report not just better business outcomes, but also enhanced personal satisfaction and a renewed passion for their roles.

Join the Speed Coaching revolution and unlock the potential within your team and yourself.

Key Insights You'll Gain from "SPEED COACHING"

Answering the Critical Questions of Modern Leadership

“Speed Coaching” is more than a guide—it’s the answer to the pressing questions leaders face in a rapidly evolving business landscape. This book will take you on a deep dive into the language and practice of coaching with compelling clarity and practicality.
Each chapter of “Speed Coaching” is designed to bring you closer to the leader you aspire to be—insightful, influential, and in tune with your team.
Transform your leadership approach and create a ripple effect of positive change. Start with “Speed Coaching.”

Who Will Benefit from "Speed Coaching"?

Every Leader, Every Industry, Every Ambition
“Speed Coaching” is the quintessential guide for a wide array of professionals who are eager to make a significant impact in their respective fields. It’s for the visionaries, the changemakers, the trailblazers. If you’re someone who influences, guides, or nurtures growth in others, this book is your companion.

Top Executives & Board Members

Discover how “Speed Coaching” can refine your leadership acumen and help you steer your organization with renewed vision and vigor.

Emerging Entrepreneurs & Established Business Owners

Learn how to infuse a coaching culture within your enterprise, enhancing creativity, and driving business success.

Managers & Team Leaders

Gain insights into leading your team with a coaching mindset, fostering a collaborative and high-performance environment.

Coaching Professionals

Whether you’re coaching executives, athletes, or anyone in between, “Speed Coaching” will augment your toolkit with innovative strategies.

Educators & Academic Leaders

Adapt the speed coaching techniques to inspire and motivate students and faculty, creating a dynamic learning culture.

HR Professionals & Organizational Heads

Implement coaching practices that will attract, develop, and retain top talent, building a resilient workforce.

Government Officials & Community Leaders

Use coaching methods to enhance your leadership effectiveness, making a positive impact on your community and beyond.

Parents & Mentors

Apply the principles of “Speed Coaching” to guide and support your children or mentees in their personal growth and development.

This book is for anyone who has a role in shaping minds, leading teams, and inspiring change. “Speed Coaching” is your step towards unlocking the full potential of those you lead—and yourself. 

Join a diverse community of leaders who are revolutionizing the way they lead. Embrace “Speed Coaching.”


The Compelling Outcomes of Embracing Speed Coaching
Evidence-Based Results for a New Era of Leadership

The “Speed Coaching” methodology isn’t just theory—it’s a proven system backed by research and results. Originating from the pioneering insights of Sir John Whitmore, a founding figure in coaching, this approach brings transformative benefits to both leaders and their teams.

Elevated Performance & Productivity

“Speed Coaching” has been shown to significantly enhance workplace performance. Leaders report not just incremental, but exponential gains in productivity, as teams are empowered to innovate and optimize their workflows.

Heightened Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are the lifeblood of any thriving organization. Speed Coaching fosters a deep sense of involvement and enthusiasm among team members, leading to higher levels of commitment and contribution.

Increased Job Satisfaction & Retention

When leaders use speed coaching techniques, they create a work environment that supports happiness and fulfillment. This directly correlates with improved employee retention rates, saving organizations substantial costs in turnover.

Leaders Focused on Strategic Goals

By effectively delegating and empowering their teams, leaders who utilize speed coaching find more time to concentrate on broader organizational goals, rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day tasks.

Cultivation of Innovation

A coaching culture is a fertile ground for innovation. “Speed Coaching” encourages individuals to think outside the box and bring forward ideas that drive the company forward.

Optimized Talent Utilization

With an emphasis on recognizing and leveraging the unique skills and knowledge of each team member, speed coaching ensures that the full potential of the workforce is harnessed.

Extra Mile Efforts

Teams led by speed coaches are more likely to go above and beyond, not because they have to, but because they want to. This discretionary effort is the hallmark of a highly motivated team.

Agility and Adaptability

In a fast-paced world, the ability to pivot and adapt is key. Speed coaching equips leaders and teams with the agility to respond to changing circumstances with confidence and creativity.

A High-Performance Culture

Speed Coaching is integral to cultivating a culture where high performance is the standard. This approach embeds excellence into the DNA of the organization.

Strengthened Leader-Team Relationships

The rapport between leaders and their teams is deepened through the trust and mutual respect that speed coaching builds, leading to more cohesive and aligned units.

Enhanced Life Skills for Leaders

Leaders who practice speed coaching report personal growth and enhanced life skills, including better communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Career Development Opportunities

Finally, speed coaching leads to improved prospects for career advancement for both leaders and team members, as it emphasizes continuous learning and skill enhancement.
“Speed Coaching” provides a roadmap to these results, offering practical tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately. It’s an invitation to transform your leadership style and witness the ripple effect on your organization.

Step into the future of leadership with "Speed Coaching". Experience the benefits firsthand.

Redefining Results with "SPEED COACHING"

Breaking Through the Excuses

It’s a common refrain in the corridors of management – “My main job is to produce results. If I sit in the office and coach my direct reports, who will ensure results?” This mindset presents coaching as a secondary task, a luxury that leaders can scarcely afford. But what if coaching is the key to unlocking those very results?
“Speed Coaching” confronts this misconception head-on. The book is crafted to dismantle the barriers and excuses that keep leaders from engaging with their teams. It’s not about choosing between coaching and results—it’s about understanding that through effective coaching, you’re ensuring better outcomes.
With “Speed Coaching,” you’ll learn how to integrate coaching into your day-to-day leadership practice, turning every interaction into an opportunity for development and every challenge into a stepping-stone for your team’s success. It’s about making coaching synonymous with leading and transforming potential into performance.
Let “Speed Coaching” guide you to a place where coaching and results go hand in hand. Step into a role where you lead by empowering, and every goal achieved is a shared victory.


“Ultimately, leaders’ job is to prepare future leadership.  Speed Coaching offers the ideas, tools, and actions that enable leaders to have positive conversations that help their employees grow.  The best coaching occurs less in formal settings and more in informal conversations.”

Father of modern HR. Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. Partner, The RBL Group

“Speed Coaching” is a useful dialogue for any manager or leader wishing to challenge their own style and approach. The modern workplace demands that we learn and develop skills quickly, and on the job, rather than taking valuable time out for more structured/costly training. Qaiser’s book can really support that whole process, and I wish him every success with it. –

Author of The Coaching Manual, The Mentoring Manual, and Brilliant Coaching.

“Speed Coaching” is a game-changer for leaders and managers looking to create a coaching culture within their organization. Drawing from his extensive experience as a leadership coach, Qaiser presents a practical and research-based framework that is easy to understand and implement. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their leadership skills and build stronger relationships with their team. “

1 Leadership Coach (Global Gurus 2022) and CEO, Global Coach Group

Speed Coaching will empower you to nurture the collaborative spirit at your workplace and gain confidence in engaging your team to achieve meaningful growth. 

Thinkers50 Hall of Fame Author of New York Times Bestsellers ‘What Got you Here, Won’t Get You There,’

“Speed Coaching” is a must-read for anyone looking to institute coaching as part of their organization’s culture. Qaiser Abbas has magnificently broken down complex coaching concepts into an easy-to-apply conversational framework that leaders can practice in everyday interactions with their teams. Speed Coaching is a testament to Qaiser Abbas’s skill as a coach and his commitment to helping organizations worldwide transform through coaching.

New York Times Best Selling Author. Founder, Modern Elder Academy. Former Head of Hospitality and Strategy at Airbnb

“Qaiser’s Speed Coaching is a one-of-a-kind leading-edge book. Definitely a must-read for anyone who is in a leadership or management position.  In today’s world, it is essential to develop practical new skill sets in communication to engage and retain employees and co-workers. Qaiser delivers simple, practical techniques for increasing productivity and motivation to produce great results. The group interaction is based on human behavioral and psychological techniques that actually work, leading to the formation of a team of confident individuals who are encouraged to take initiative with open enjoyment. Well done Qaiser! “

Best-selling, award-winning author of Every Word has Power, (now in eleven languages)

“We live in a world where communication is often bite-sized and leaders have precious few moments to support their people as allies in helping them take smart next steps with ownership for follow through. Speed Coaching is great tool for doing just that.”

1 Executive Coach. Bestselling author of 18 Minutes and Leading with Emotional Courage

“If you are a leader, a coach, or a human who wants to learn a new technique to gain more clarity in any situation, then this book is for you. Qaiser shows you the WHY and HOW after changing your mindset to use Speed Coaching as a tool, technique, or a new way of life to unleash your full potential.”

Founder of ICF Saudi Arabia Chapter, Leadership Development Consultant

This groundbreaking book is filled with practical tools, real-world examples, and research-backed strategies, all woven together with Qaiser’s unique storytelling prowess. Qaiser masterfully distills complex coaching concepts into easily digestible, actionable insights, making them accessible for anyone to implement and benefit from. I wholeheartedly endorse “Speed Coaching” and urge anyone aspiring to elevate their leadership skills to immerse themselves in its pages. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from a true visionary like Qaiser Abbas, whose passion, expertise, and wisdom are guaranteed to leave an indelible impact on your life and career.

USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author 


“Speed Coaching” is the quintessential guide for a wide array of professionals who are eager to make a significant impact in their respective fields. It’s for the visionaries, the changemakers, the trailblazers. If you’re someone who influences, guides, or nurtures growth in others, this book is your companion.
Speed Coaching is a fresh concept in leadership coaching. This incredible masterpiece from Qaiser will change the way you view managerial coaching and help you support your team in the way they need to succeed. The concepts, models, tools, and framework presented in Speed Coaching are original, tested, practical, and completely hands-on.
Qaiser’s work on coaching has always inspired me enormously. His coaching style is compelling and has helped countless leaders improve their team interactions to create positive, lasting change.

Very skillfully, Qaiser has condensed the fundamentals of coaching into a few core ideas. Speed Coaching will enable you to extend growth-oriented support to your employees without making them feel formally “coached” — making them more receptive and you less burdened to spend scheduled hours in your office with them. What differentiates Speed Coaching from other books on coaching is that it offers valuable and powerful ways of implementing coaching into everyday conversations with the people who rely most on their leader’s support. 

The fact is, gone are the days when the recipe for building a great career was simple. Building technical expertise and becoming good at your work used to be enough. Doing your job well meant having the right answers. If you could prove yourself through your great work, you would rise the ladder and eventually move to higher management. A manager’s job was to ensure that subordinates had those same answers. The goal was to direct and develop employees who understood how the business worked and was able to reproduce its previous successes.
However, this is no longer applicable. Rapid, constant, and disruptive change is now the norm, and what succeeded in the past is no longer a guide to what will succeed in the future. Leaders often recognize this fact. Unfortunately, the challenge of how they help their team to develop professionally is often lost and becomes a low priority in the bustle of business life.

Qaiser’s Speed Coaching is an eye-opener for leaders. The book clarifies that 21st-century managers should not spend hours talking to their team members to provide them with some hour-long formal coaching sessions. Instead, the best coaching is hands-on, engaged, and occurs naturally through employee conversations.

Leaders must inspire fresh energy, innovation, and commitment and challenge their teams to adapt to constantly changing environments.
Managers must avoid getting stuck in the past, focusing on performance management instead of developing performance. They must see employees as a portfolio of talent in which they invest time and energy, as a way of investing in a company. Through coaching, leaders help each employee focus on developing those capabilities that will contribute most to individual and organizational success.
Employee retention is more crucial than ever. After all, people make an organization in the modern world. Qaiser advocates that to achieve critical results and remain competitive; you must see coaching not only as a means to shape individual performance but also as a means to build broader organizational capacity.
Employees are looking to be coached in a way that grows them, develops their strengths, and keeps them challenged at a company. This means managers can no longer sit in their offices, remain inaccessible, and pass on orders to their teams. Leaders are pushed to reinvent themselves to leverage their team and institution’s creativity, energy, and learning in this new world.

Speed Coaching will engage you right from the first page to the finishing chapter, and it’s relatable and real. Leaders who read this book will change how they interact with their teams.

Grounded in cutting-edge psychological principles and recent behavioral science, Speed Coaching is a must-read for leaders who want to create productive, engaged teams. 
Speed Coaching will empower you to nurture the collaborative spirit at your workplace and gain confidence in engaging your team to achieve meaningful growth. 

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers50 Hall of Fame
World’s 1 Executive Coach

Author of New York Times Bestsellers ‘What Got you Here, Won’t Get You There,’ ‘Triggers,’ ‘Mojo,’ and ‘The Earned Life’

"Speed Coaching"

Embarking on a Journey of Enlightened Leadership “Speed Coaching” is both an art and a science. Here is a quick overview of what you will be learning in this book. In the next four pages, you will quickly familiarize yourself with the core ideas presented in different chapters of this book.
Basically, leaders need to understand and master the following to speed-coach their teams.


Without this core belief, no coaching can take place. 
Why leaders don’t coach more frequently? Because deep down, they believe that the person does not have the capability. And their answers are far superior to theirs. Therefore, they always choose to ‘tell’ their teams what they should be doing.


Why do leaders coach their teams? What is the ultimate purpose of coaching? 
Once leaders believe in their teams’ capability and resourcefulness, they choose Coaching more often. They begin to give up their desire to command and control. They refuse to be seen as the most competent person in the room. Leaders recognize that they don’t need to be seen as the source of solutions. To make it happen, they need to embrace the reality that it is challenging to stop giving solutions. What will be the alternative of ‘not giving solutions’ to them?
You create self-realization in them and make them believe in their capability and resourcefulness. Once they become aware that they are more capable and resourceful than they think they are, they start tapping on their untapped strengths.
Because they have brought the ideas themselves, they take more ownership of putting them into action. They bounce back more often, and they show reliance. And they start making things happen. This result is greater engagement and ownership, which is a big miss in the corporate world.


A coaching mindset supported by necessary coaching skills will transform human potential. There are many skills leader-coaches need to master. Here are two core skills –
To make this engagement and solution focus a reality, leaders need to master two fundamental skills. First and foremost is listening. When you are not giving solutions and answering their queries, you are left with the only choice – hear. As a result of more great listening, you begin to go in a positive inquiry mode and ask more intelligent questions. 

At this stage, leaders become non-judgmental. They don’t attack their teammates. They don’t discourage them by dismissing their ideas. They protect their self-image.  


Leadership is exhibited in daily conversations. All effective conversations follow some structure. They were coaching conversations flow when leaders use the following dialogue framework.
Coaching mindset, outcomes, and skills alone can only make a difference if leaders use some framework to structure their coaching conversations. The more leaders practice the framework, the more the talks begin to flow and produce the right results – quicker automatically.


Not every interaction is an opportunity to coach. The formula below helps leaders pick up the right moment for coaching. 
Leaders also learn that not every conversation can be converted into a coaching conversation. They master the art of differentiating when to coach and when to use other management tools. Eventually, leaders recognize that they should only use the coaching style of leadership when the area, timing, and mood are right.


Like all relationships, leaders must lay the foundation of their leader-Coachee relationship based on the following principles. 
Leadership is a relationship. To make it work, leaders need to go to the basics. They find out that having a relationship with their direct reports based on fear, insecurity, hatred, disregard, revenge, and doubt is counterproductive. They must build a relationship where they experience mutual trust, respect, and connection.


Why do leaders resist the coaching style of leadership? If they know the excuses in advance, they will be better able to overpower them. You will explore in chapter 10, the top three reasons for leaders to resist coaching and how to overcome them?


Helping leaders build a coaching culture is my ultimate objective in writing this book. You will learn to take the following steps to make this transition happen.
Coaching culture becomes a reality when leaders at the top level exhibit courage, engage in open dialog, show comfort in giving and receiving feedback, hold each other accountable, and demonstrate total commitment to their ongoing learning and development.




A Business Psychologist by education, Qaiser Abbas is an Award-Winning Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker, and the author of 10 bestselling books, including ‘Power of Teams.
World’s 1 Leadership Coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, has endorsed Qaiser’s ‘DARE Coaching Framework’™. He is the Master Mind behind one of the fastest-growing Coach-Networks, spread in four continents with over 350 Certified Coaches.
In his 20 years journey as Leadership Coach, Qaiser has had the privilege to coach CEOs, business leaders, celebrities and superstars of sports, movies, and media. His clients include many Fortune 500 companies like Toyota, GE, Nestle, Philips, Total, Schlumberger, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever, Abbott, and Reckitt-Benckiser.

Qaiser is the recipient of the ‘Brian Tracy International Excellence Award 2017, held in London. He is also the recipient of the ‘Trainer of the Year’ Award for Asia by the World HRD Congress, Singapore. 

Qaiser shot to fame by his blockbuster book ‘Tick Tick Dollar.’ Qaiser is a living example of overcoming adversity and turning dreams into reality and has touched the lives of millions around the globe. 

Apart from coaching and training leaders in the world’s top MNCs, World Bank, WHO, and US Embassy, Qaiser is making a massive contribution to society through ‘Possibilities Schools’ and ‘My First Bike.’  

His 100% books proceeds support out-of-school children’s education. To know more about him, you can visit