225 Coaches | 65 Cities | 10 Countries | 1 Process 

Coaching is helping people become the very best they can be.

Over the past 20 years, I have been on a mission to help people live a purposeful life. Coaching is the best methodology science has ever discovered to help people unleash their true potential.

As coaches, we don’t advice, tell, propose or suggest people what we think they should do. Coaching is about helping someone gain their own insights in a situation. Our job is to engage our coaching clients in thought provoking, meaningful conversations.

We use DARE Coaching Framework that enables us to provoking meaningful conversations. The person being coached gains increased clarity regarding the situation or topic, which enables them to make progress in some way

As coaches we facilitate discussion that increases an individual’s awareness, insight and available choice in a situation. We as coaches believe in the ability of the individual to create ideas, decide for themselves, and move their situation forward.

It was extremely difficult for us to pick up the top 10 coaches in our network. Selecting only 10 out of our 225 superstar coaches was not an easy decision. Our team selected these 10 coaches keeping in view many factors i.e. their involvement in the coaching certification process, coaching practice, application of coaching concepts and most importantly feedback of the people they coached and results they co-created with the clients.


 Ali Zia is currently the Senior General Manager National Cricket Academy and Head of Players Development High Perfomance Programs. He has earned numerous international certifications in coaching. He is one of the most respected Coaches in the cricket history.

During his six month coaching certification journey with us, Ali Zia continued to amaze me with his humility, focus, learning mindset and unmatched sense of humor.

Ali has successfully implemented my DARE Coaching Model in preparing an internal team of coaches at Pakistan Cricket Board. He has collaborated with some of the top coaches from Australia to blend his coaching insights with their cutting edge coaching tools to offer the best coaching experience for our players.

Ali Zia has been frequently invited as a role model to our new coaches. He has also supervised many of our coaches’ journey towards their certification. Ali’s devotion to the field of coaching makes him one of the top coaches in our network.


Momin Imtiaz is one of our top coaches based in Qatar. Momin is the Head of Trade Products at Commercial Bank of Qatar. He came all the way from Qatar to attend the certification. Since the program is spread over three stages, he travelled to Lahore from Qatar three times to complete his various stages of coaching certification.

Momin’s coaching demo during the program was one of the best in our network. His understanding of DARE Coaching Model and ability to put it in practice was phenomenal. His contribution to the coaching discussions added great value to the whole class.

Momin is one of our top Ambassadors in coaching. He has earned immense respect in his own bank through his impeccable coaching skills.

Momin is currently transforming lives not only in Qatar, but also in many other countries around the globe through his coaching.


Iram Irshad’s coaching demonstration is still the best demo ever in our entire network of 225 coaches. Iram brings with her unparalleled energy and coaching acumen. She was also the first one in our entire network to choose a coaching niche for her. Today, she is Pakistan’s most sought after Happiness Coach.

As a coach she is committed to make a difference in both corporate and education sector. Her YouTube channel Iram@Life offers exceptionally insightful content on success, happiness and relationships.

Iram has also co-facilitated with me in Certified Success Coach programs. Currently she is the President of Centre for Positive Psychology. She is also the founder of Pakistan’s first ever Happiness Lab.


Imran Qamar is one of the most committed coaches in our network. He is serious, spontaneous, resourceful and master of asking power questions.

He is currently working as a Unit Head, Learning & Development at Bank Alfalah.

Imran has been regularly invited in our Coaching Certification programs to demonstrate his fabulous coaching skills. Audience always love listening to his practical coaching insights. Imran is leading a major initiative on coaching within his bank. He has also taught coaching skills to the managers in Bank Alfalah.

Imran has also been actively engaged by Possibilities to supervise new coaches. The coaches he supervised always give us an hugely positive feedback.

Imran is actively practicing coaching at senior levels. It is a treat to see him in action. His wife, Alia Imran is also one of our Certified Coaches. And she is equally brilliant.


Dr. Asim Sehrai is actually my teacher. He is a living legend in the field of Psychology. As a college student, I read his books on psychology as part of our curriculum. Seeing him in person was a dream.

In year 2000, I started teaching Organizational Psychology as part of the visiting faculty at MAO College. It was such an honour for me to have him in the same faculty.

Seeing him attending my Coaching Certification class was the most humbling experience of my life. Never for a second in those six months program did he realize to me or anyone else that he is my teacher or he knows more than anyone else in this room.

I am lucky to have him as a senior member of our coach network.


Masooma is a born coach. She is a Psychologist by education and has spent many years coaching people on drugs.

I saw her in action during her coaching demonstration and immediately made a decision to hire her. Upon finishing her coaching certification, she was part of our full time team at Possibilities the very next day.

Masooma is my top support in expanding our Coach Network to over 10 countries. Most of our top coaches in the system consider Masooma as their mentor. She has supervised more than 50 coaches in the last one and a half years to earn their coaching certification.

Massoma Zainab is currently the Head of Coaching Division at Possibilities and undertaking coaching assignments with some of our most valued clients.


Syed Zulfiqar is the Group Head of Human Resources at Geo Television Network. He was invited as a Chief Guest at the certification ceremony of our third batch of Certified Success Coach program.

When the 7th batch was launched in Karachi, I was surprised to know his name in the participants list. Upon asking, I was told by team that he applied in the program like a normal applicant and passed through our three stages of selection process.

There was hardly anyone else who could beat Zulfiqar’s quest for learning. Based on his more than two decades work experience in the top MNC in many parts of the world in a variety of indurstries; Zulfiqar is mostly our clients first choice when it comes to coaching their senior executives.

Living our ‘no results, no fee’ approach to the core, Zulfiqar’s coaching practice is making a positive difference in the lives of top leaders around the globe.


Registering Samina Randhawa in our Certified Success Coach program was one of the proudest moments for Possibilities. Samina is the mother of the iconic Arfa Karim.

Samina is a natural coach. People feel an automatic connection with her. She is the living definition of kindness. Her coaching clients describe her as trustworthy, candid, solution focused and persistent. She is a master of bringing out the best in people.

Samina’s husband, Col. Amjad Randhawa is also one of our certified coaches. Amjad Randhawa is one of the wisest and finest humans I have ever interacted with. They both make a great coaching team. I am deeply proud to have them both as a valuable part of my coach network.

Samina is mainly involved in coaching youth and teachers.


Sajjad is a lighthouse of coaching knowledge. He has invested countless hours understanding, challenging, upgrading and refining his coaching concepts.

He is so good using my Coaching Frameworks and Models that our Board chose him to receive the ‘Best Coaching Concepts Award’ during our first Coach Meet-Up in 2018.

He is the most admired coach in his batch. He shares everything he knew with his fellow coaches and continues to be center of attention and learning in the entire group.

Sajjad is the Head of OD at Sui Southern Gas. With over two decades of corporate experience, Sajjad is one of our best coaches to develop leadership pipelines.

10. Hina Aslam

Hina is currently working at Hyundai as HR Manager. She is one of our senior and committed coaches of the network with an extensive understanding of human behavior.

She has been a keen learner with the intensity to learn the fundamentals of coaching skills. The reason she caught my attention was the active participation throughout the sessions where she kept sharing her insightful knowledge with her other fellows.  

She won the “Knowledge Sharing Award” in the coach meetup. I am deeply proud of Hina’s coaching journey and her ability to help people unleash their true potential.



As I said, it is not possible to select 10 out of 225, I will be sad if I didn’t mention some of my other brilliant coaches. They are indeed ‘equally’ good and perhaps have not been able to pursue and practice coaching like the ones I mentioned above did.

I have 100% faith in their ability to coach and deliver on my ‘no results, no fee’ formula.

Here are some of my personal favorite coaches who are going to shine in the market in the next few months:

  1. Ranjeet Kumar, booked multiple sessions with clients at the premium price right after his certification.
  2. Sadia Vine, is my personal favorite. I call her our ‘Coaching Queen’. One of my best coaches indeed.
  3. Noor Mehsood, won the award for ‘Beating the Odds’ in our coach meet up.
  4. Taqi Shah, has done more than a hundred free coaching sessions and has played a major role in expanding our Coach Network.
  5. Khobaib Vahedy, is a helping people unleash miracles in their life through his coaching interventions.
  6. Saima Bilal, is a living example for millions of women around the globe. From a Head of HR to an Executive Coach, Saima has totally transformed her life and as a result, she is helping many transform theirs.
  7. Asif Mehmood, an elite swimming gold medalist and a Coach to the Royal Family and Army in Behrain; Asif is a keen coach and is making us proud across the borders.
  8. Asim Khan, came from Saudi Arabia to join our certification. He instantly became a member of core team of coaches. A magnificent coach indeed.
  9. Nadeem Akram, is using coaching tools to accelerate performance in Vocational education. Nadeem’s can be compared with any international coach when it comes to coaching skills and concepts.
  10. Arooma Fakhar is the member of our core coaching team. She has assisted me in many of my assignments. Arooma is one of my most dependable coaches.