What can you learn from the success stories of these 15 Trainers who transformed their career within 6 months of entering the training industry?

Training is a serious business. I have been in the training field for some two decades now. I trained thousands of people in over 30 countries, serving 300 plus top organizations in more than 50 industries. I have had the privilege to share stage with top global gurus of the training industry including Dave Ulrich, Marshall Goldsmith, Brian Tracy and Tony Buzan, to name a few.

However, I have been reluctant to offer my Train The Trainer Program to the next generation of trainers. In the last ten years, clients and participants pushed me hard on starting my TTT program. I was reluctant. Although, I did dozens of customized TTT programs for many of my clients building their internal pool of trainers, but certifying trainers for the actual market to serve real clients was a huge responsibility.

At the same time, I have always had this secret mission to produce the next line of speakers and trainers in the country. I did want to leave a legacy behind. Giving everything I have to a group of trainers. So I kept developing and refining my TTT program for more than a decade. Yet, I didn’t consider myself ready to add value in the TTT segment. I made a commitment to myself that I will only offer this program if I believe my Train The Trainer ensures a unique value. My purpose was to create a program that prepares and enables certificate holders to right away go and serve the market.

Producing market-ready trainers was a gigantic task. It required equipping trainers with everything that I knew as a trainer. This required sharing my very own time-tested, powerful tools, frameworks, methodologies and processes that helped me create a unique positioning in the market, earn respect and receive seven figure income in a one day training program.

And this is precisely what I did.

I offered my first ever TTT program only in 2018.

Through a rigorous, patience-testing process; we selected 25 participants out of 1479 applicants. In order to secure their seats, applicant went through a very tough three- stage procedure including assessment, video analysis and final interview.

25 selected participants were exposed to a three day intense learning experience with me. I taught them everything I knew on training. I shared my secret formats, templates, learning methods, client engagement system, program design framework, development need analysis process, meeting templates, note taking formats and content development strategies etc.

For the next 15 weeks, participants were pushed into situations where they had to practically apply and test the tools I taught them. I wanted to ensure application of learning in a real-time environment.

They were supervised to design their own training program using my undisclosed methods. They delivered mock training sessions. They travelled with me to see me live in action delivering training to an actual client.

15 weeks later, only the participants who completed the assignments and passed the previous stages were invited to attend the final stage. I shared additional tools on training. Also I taught them how to set up their own training business. I shared with them my personal templates for ‘go to market’ strategy. They learnt how to build their brand, develop plans to launch themselves in the market, establish their training company, sell training services and secure training contacts at a premium price.

They presented their final training program that was designed under my team’s guidance using my frameworks. After arduous assessment, evaluation and scrutiny; the eligible participants were awarded with the certificates. It’s been more than a year now. Our program has been very well received in the marketplace. Despite being the most expensive TTT Program, we continue to get more requests to get a slot than we can actually accommodate.

We have some 100 Trainers in our network in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and 10 other cities.

In this article, I am going to have the privilege to introduce TOP 15 Trainers in Possibilities Trainers Network. I have had the joy of personally training these trainers. It was utterly hard to pick only 15 out of a 100. However, a fair process allowed us to
make it possible.

I originally wanted to make a list of 10 trainers only. But I realize some of our trainers are too good to be left out. I stretched the list to 15. I still believe there are 5-6 other trainers in my network who should have made a place in the top 15.


I have yet to see anyone who builds a connection the audience faster than Zain Bin Khalid. To me, Zain is a born trainer.

Zain has co-facilitated with me multiple times and I found him extremely energized, insightful and creative.

Zain has over 6 years of teaching experience at the university level. He has invested years studying the relationship between Quaran and Management.

Zain is our best resource in the areas of Self-Discovery and Leadership for first time managers. He is heavily engaged in training our key clients.

Zain is a full time part of Possibilities Core Team as CEO of Possibilities Publications one of our sister companies under the umbrella of Possibilities.


Qamar Sheraz is someone who started inspiring me even before he joined our Train The Trainer program.

I have never interacted with any participants before the program. Our team handles the three-stage tough selection process. Qamar somehow managed to get my number and sent me a very powerful video convincing me to select him for the program. [what he didn’t know was that he had already been selected for the pioneer batch].

Qamar was one of those three participants of batch one, who travelled with me and co-facilitated in my training with IFFCO.

Today, Qamar is the Head of Client Engagement at Possibilities and also the Head of Possibilities Trainers Network.

Qamar has assisted me in my training interventions with Friesland Campina, Honda, Mariestopes, etc.

Qamar is our key resource in the area of Public Speaking and Presentation Skills programs.


Harris is my personal favorite. In the first ever Train The Train program that I ran, he was my participant. In the second program, he was my co-facilitator. He has a natural talent.

No one has brought greater ease to me as a trainer in the last 18 months than Harris Chaudhry. He has been assisting me at every single step – from training design to delivery.

Harris has lead major client interventions on behalf of Possibilities. He is one of my key resources to execute my Program Development Framework. He has repeatedly surpassed my expectations with his unmatched sense of responsibility.

Harris is also serving Possibilities as a full time resource and is the Head of Possibilities Business Academy.

Harris is our key trainer in the areas of Sales Growth and Selling Skills.


Abdur Rehman is a master communicator. I am highly impressed with ability to deliver a powerful message combined with clarity and impact. When it comes to presenting, he is simply a magician.

AR Khattak brings with him over 10 years of international training experience with the British Council. He has personally trained more than 10,000 participants nationwide.

As a full time member of Possibilities, Abdur Rehman is heading Possibilities Academic Services. He is the master of content development.

Abdur Rehman is our expert in the areas of Management Development and Teacher Training.


Sobia is a wonder woman. Filled with enthusiasm and commitment, her training style is powerful, direct from heart and impactful.

During her TTT certification, she became an icon for overcoming her fear of public speaking. In the second stage of the program (within three months), she completely transformed her presentation skills. She proved to the whole group that if committed, one can overcome any barriers to becoming a professional trainer.

Right after her certification, Sobia picked up a niche for her and engaged in an extensive research to become the very best in her area of expertise. Today, she is one of our most reliable trainers in the area of ‘Emotional Management Toolkit for New


Farhan is a serious trainer. He is one of the most steadfast participants my team ever registered in my TTT programs.

His ability to ask innovative questions always amazed me. He is keen, inquisitive and practical. He is a problem solver at the core. He knows the art of understanding the underlying organization’s challenges and offering training solutions that serve the purpose.

Farhan hands on corporate experience distinguishes him from direct-from-business-school trainers. He was the Head of HR at the Dollar Industries. He left his job to pursue his career as a trainer.

I strongly recommend Farhan for your training needs in the areas of Competency Framework and Leadership Development.


I consider Mehtab my serious competitor when it comes to his power smile.

Mehtab exhibited incredible commitment in translating learning into action. Within few months of completing his TTT certification with me, I started hearing lot of positive feedback about Mehtab.

Mehtab is a high-energy trainer and has developed a unique style of engaging participants. He is Heading our Youth Studio business in the North Region.

Mehtab can be considered as a preferred trainer in the areas of Self-Discovery and Professional Development.


Ayub is the liveliest trainer Possibilities has ever produced. He is a rare blend of bringing insightfulness and playfulness in a training program.

To me, he is an energy bank. I have rarely seen anyone using humour and wittiness so well in delivering serious training content.

Ayub was also part of those four trainers in his batch who got selected to experience a full circle training intervention with me.

Those four days with him at the PC Muzaffarabad are one of the most memorable days of my life.

From an enthusiastic participant to a passionate team member, Ayub now is the CEO of Youth Studio, one of Possibilities sister companies.


Nasira is a renowned management consultant. She has earned enormous respect as a seasoned consultant over the past two decades.

I was deeply impressed with Nasira’s dedication to learning. She is probably one of the senior most participants we ever enrolled in our TTT program. Seeing her number of years in the market, her humility was simply unbelievable.

Nasira has joined me in many of my training assignments after her certification. She has also represented Possibilities in some of our most critical training need analysis assignments.

Nasira is our major resource in the areas of Business Growth and Human Resource Development.


Amir Khan is one of our top findings. A hardcore businessman with huge textile units producing world class products for the top global brands all over the world, Amir Khan is a well-travelled, seasoned, and classy trainer.

During our TTT program, I was deeply fascinated by his intelligence, business acumen, attention to details and exceptional insightfulness.

Apart from his years of working with family businesses, Amir Khan has studied Fashion and Styling from the top universities and institutes of the world.

Amir is also a full time member of our team. He is the Head of Family Business Service.

As a trainer, Amir Khan specializes in the areas of Image Management, Executive Presence, and Building Your Personal Brand. Amir is also my personal style consultant.


Saif has spent over 10 years in the industry at prestigious leadership positions. He responded to his true calling and joined our TTT program in batch two.

Saif continued to amaze me with his service-centeredness. He is an incredible human being always focused on giving. I have hardly seen anyone who would go these many extra miles to serve with complete selflessness.

While presenting his final training project, he grabbed my undivided attention through his ability to simplify complex subjects.

Saif has an amazing sense of humor that allows him to build an instant connection with the audience.

Saif is currently the Head of Project Management Division at Possibilities.


Husnain Ali is our recent discovery. He is a remarkable professionals with more than 10 years of hands on leadership experience behind him. His energy, passion and consistency differentiates him from so many trainers out there in the marketplace.

Husnain believes in creating value for the customers.

After just completing his first stage of TTT program, he was able to secure a huge training contract. The first deal anyone of TTT trainers ever made. His contract was training over 30,000 young IT professionals for the government of KPK. He won this single handedly using the processes and frameworks he learned during the TTT program.

Husnain is our core team member for North and KPK regions. I strongly recommend him in the areas of digital marketing.


Tehseen’s story is extremely inspiring.

To pursue his dream to become a full time trainer, Tehseen left his dream job. A job that no one dares leaving. Tehseen led transformation of World Bank Islamabad in terms of office space design and FM service delivery strategy. Tehseen is highly regarded as Facilites Management professional and has worked with multiple real estate developers across the globe.

His more than two decades of professional experience which enables him to understand leadership and performance challenges from a reality-check viewpoint.

Apart from training, Tehseen is passionate about creating jobs and producing a high-skilled workforce of Pakistani who can serve countries around the globe.


In the last one year, I have had the privilege to stay in Sahiwal for Engro Foods training programs for more than two weeks in different intervals.

Nawaz, being located in Sahiwal accompanied me in almost all of my trainings. He has had the experience of watching me in action after his TTT certification more than a dozen times.

Nawaz is one of my superstars who is carrying my message forward with full zeal and enthusiasm. He is going to be one of our key resources in mobilizing youth and building capacity of young leaders.


I had a very casual interaction with Arooj during a meditation experience with my Guru, Shehnaz Minallah in Islamabad.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her in my third batch of TTT certification class. Arooj was able to create a very special place in my mind due to her power questioning, active participation and high-energy engagement all through the session.

However, I only saw the best of Arooj when she was on stage presenting her final training project. She was full of passion. I could sense her personal commitment and belief behind every single idea she presented.

Arooj is a dreamer. In one of the exercises where I encourage participants to ‘finish their future in advance’, Arooj brought so much clarity to how she envisions herself by 2025; our team didn’t have a choice but to declare her the best participant of that exercise.

Arooj is our key resource in the North Region in the areas of Leadership and Executive Education.

In addition to these 15 Top Trainers, it will be unfair if I don’t mention the great work being done by the following trainers who also represent Possibilities Trainers Network.

These special names include:

  • Our very own Javeria Nadeem, a master communicator and electrifying presenter. Javeria outperformed everyone else in multiple presentations during the program. She is innovative and exceptionally powerful. She is also the Head of Training Services at Possibilities.
  • My personal favorite trainer Moazzam Abu Bakar, the man with incredible energy. Moazzam is doing a fantastic job and continues to astonish me with his achievements.
  • Amer Ali, has already conducted a wonderful program on public speaking skills.
  • Ali Mazhar, has delivered customer service training to hundreds of participants at PTCL.
  • Mohammad Tariq is the Regional Head of Allied Bank and has conducted numerous sessions with Branch Managers.
  • Asim Masood, is adding tremendous value to a number of organizations.
  • Imran Sarwar is the Head of HR at Royal Tag. He has delivered high quality sessions to his own team already.
  • Abida Khawar and Mudassar Ghafoor are a very recent addition in the network.

They are all set to make their space in the training industry.

I would also like to mention some of our best participants who for some reasons have not been able to complete their TTT certification. I am extremely confident that they will astonish the market with their training magic. These under-training participants include Sara Ahmed, Ahtsham Ul Haq, Adeel Jhatla, Sabahuddin Waqar and Saera Fazal.

I wish these trainers all the best in their careers. And I am confident that they will make a huge impact on the training industry not only in Pakistan but at the global level too.

I am deeply proud of teaching them the art of training and look forward to teaming up with them to make a greater contribution to unleash human potential and make world a better place.

Thank you for taking time out to read.



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