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  1. You are tired of conducting free training and want to start earning fees for delivering training.
  2. You want to know what top MNCs and Large Pakistani Companies are looking for when engaging new trainers?
  3. You want to up your training game by learning cutting-edge tools, techniques, methodologies, and processes to run a successful training intervention.
  4. You want to understand the process of shortlisting, targeting, approaching, connecting, and working with corporate clients.
  5. You are struggling to develop the right business strategy to grow your training business.
  6. You want to learn the secret tools to sell your training programs consistently on a decent price point.
  7. You are stuck in the wrong network, wrong group of affiliates, wrong client pool, wrong role models, or wrong target industry/segment that is not allowing you to build your training career.
  8. You are doing your best and still don’t reach your desired status as a trainer and you cannot figure out why?
  9. Your passion for training is not translating a regular income that your family can depend upon and your financial status is not growing?
  10. You want to know the secrets of Pakistan’s Highest-Paid Trainer for running a full-day training program.



  1. How to develop unique learning content for your training programs?
  2. How to keep you audience engaged without aimless training games?
  3. How to create and execute Experiential Learning Games to maximize impact?
  4. How to develop a training plan for a full day training program?
  5. How to turn hostile participants into your best allies who become your brand ambassadors?


  1. How to stand out and position yourself right in a crowded training market?
  2. How to develop a sales system that generates the right training leads on a regular basis?
  3. How to develop a training proposal that stands out amongst the competition?
  4. How to use your selling skills to close training deals with confidence?
  5. How to build powerful relationships with clients so that they call you for repeat business and refer you to other clients?


A Business Psychologist by education, Qaiser Abbas is an Award-Winning Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, and the author of eight bestselling books, including ‘Made in Crises’. Published by Hay House USA, his book is nominated for the Business Books of the Year Award, 2021.

Qaiser is the recipient of the ‘Brian Tracy International Excellence Award 2017, held in London. He is also the recipient of the ‘Trainer of the Year’ Award for Asia by the World HRD Congress, Singapore.

In his 20 years journey as a Leadership Coach, Qaiser has had the privilege to coach CEOs, business leaders, celebrities, and superstars of sports, movies, and media. His clients include many Fortune 500 companies like Toyota, GE, Nestle, Philips, Total, Schlumberger, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever, Abbott, and Reckitt-Benckiser.

Qaiser shot to fame by his blockbuster book ‘Tick Tick Dollar.’ Qaiser is a living example of overcoming adversity and turning dreams into reality and has touched the lives of millions around the globe.

Apart from coaching and training leaders in the world’s top MNCs, World Bank, WHO, and US Embassy, Qaiser is making a massive contribution to society through ‘Possibilities Schools’ and ‘My First Bike.’

His 100% books proceeds support out-of-school children’s education. To know more about him, you can visit or